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OTD Lite 2005 – Alonso signed early for a change

Mario illien signs up to the Renault PU roller coaster

Williams aiming for race wins in 2015

OTD Lite 2005 – Alonso signed early for a change

After the never ending saga of will he-won’t he join Mclaren for 2015, Fernando Alonso was finally announced as the new Mclaren-Honda driver last week. At the same time, Jenson Button was put out of his misery by being signed for a further two years; although as Alonso proved, these contracts are worth less than leading brands of toilet paper.

Of course this was all quite different to the announcement made on this day nine years ago which stunned the F1 world.

48979Mclaren announced to the world that the new World Champion Fred was to drive for the Woking outfit from 2007 onwards.. still over a full year away. Of course this put the proverbial noses of Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Montoya firmly out of joint seeing as they were the teams current drivers.

Rumours had emerged in mid-season that Kimi had, in fact, signed for Ferrari for 2007 hence prompting Ron Dennis to pursue the Spaniard and unveil him to regain some pride.  It would never do for Ron to be out-smarted by Il Padrino..

For any fans of Mclaren, they will be hoping that this time around the end results are very different. For any fans of any other team, they can’t wait to see the bearded Asturian throw his toys out of the pram again – especially if ol’ Jense happens to beat him. Heard it hear first….

The Grumpy Jackal


Mario illien signs up to the Renault PU roller coaster

Red Bull’s Christian Horner has confirmed that Renault is working in collaboration with Mario Illien who was spied in the Red Bull garage during the last Grand Prix weekend in Abu Dhabi.

He is investigating the current problems that Renault has suffered with their power unit. Although the unit has improved over the last few months, it has never attained the performance levels of the rival Mercedes engine.

Horner said “It’s positive that Renault have started working with Ilmor. The company has face similar technical challenges in Indycar. Mario has a lot of experience and will be able to look at the project from a different perspective.”

As to what Re Bull offered the engine manufacturer: ” We’re talking simulation models, the optimisation of the air flow and the like. These are areas we have experience in and we are able to help.”

The problem for Mercedes’ rivals is that whatever work they have implemented over the past season and winter months, many feel sceptical that they could close the gap significantly to the German manufacturer. Although Bernie Ecclestone wants to see a return to aspirated engines for 2016, it seems that if you have the choice – if you can’t beat them, join them!

Lotus has swapped from Renault power to the Stuttgart power unit and after tests found they have saved 18 pounds in weight; but perhaps most importantly added 85 BHP..


Williams aiming for race wins in 2015

Winning is the very clear goal for Claire Williams. After a slow start to the season where the FW36 proved the slipperiest car in race trim but lacking some downforce in comparison to Mercedes, the second half of the season saw much improved results.

With Red Bull being the only team to win a race other than Mercedes, Williams were always going to struggle to vault them in the final standings, Yet a pole position, nine podium finishes and third in the constructors was a huge turn around from 2013’s disappointing ninth place.

“This was amazing for our team. To come from P9 to P3 is an amazing transformation. One of the biggest in motorsport history. The guys in the factory the job they have to do in order to achieve wins. We closed the gap to Mercedes over the second half of the season so I don’t see why we can’t close it.”

“But it’s all about the competition. We don’t know where Ferrari or Red Bull are going to be, or what will happen with the engine regulations but tats part of the excitement of F1”


23 responses to “#F1 Daily News and Comment: Friday 19th December 2014

  1. RE ODT and Alonso

    When Button joined McLaren, everyone expected Lewis to pulverise him.
    Didn’t happen!
    When Ricciardo joined Red Bull, everyone expected Seb to pulverise him.
    Didn’t happen!
    When Lewis joined Merc, everyone expected him to pulverise Nico.
    Didn’t happen!
    When Kimi re-joined Ferrari, everyone expected a close battle with Fred.
    Didn’t happen!

    So now that Fred re-joins Macca, everyone expects him to pulverise Jense.
    …you know where this is going 😉

    • Lewis won the drivers title and that’s all that matters in a battle between team mates. Nico won a lot of battles but he lost the war. Round two next season.

      • No one is contesting this. Lewis is the better driver of the two. No doubt about that. But my comment was about the start of the 2013 season, not this year. On the contrary, at the start of this year many ‘experts’ were predicting Nico to win this battle and Lewis to really struggle.

        • I tend to think Lewis and Nico are evenly balanced at most Grand Prix’s. It’s just that Lewis has an edge we’ve yet to see from Nico. Next season will therefore be very interesting. Will the loss give Nico the edge he appears to lack or will Lewis shift up a gear.

          • lewis pretty much pulverized nico. he won 11 races to nico’s 5, it wasn’t even close.

          • It was a season of two halves, Nico appeared to have gotten the better of Lewis. Only for Lewis to find a second wind and came back from large points deficits a few times in the second half of the season. I think it’s unfair on Nico to say that Lewis pulverized him.

    • Replace ‘everyone’ with ‘fanboys’! Those with more understanding would never have assumed one would be demolished by the other.

        • The Grim Reaper always wins in the end. Besides the EU commission may yet ruin Bernie’s control of F1. There’s only so many hurdles one can jump before you land flat on your face in a muddy puddle.

          • F1 is already descending into a monumental clusterfuck and the EU is not known for their speed. F1 might croak before it comes to that

          • It’s been descending into a clusterfuck ever since Bernie for whatever reasons ($$$$) sold F1 to CVC who’ve not it appears had the balls to get rid of Bernie and replace him with somebody who can get the bilge pumps going to save the ship from Sinking. It will be quite ironic if it’s Adam Parr who rides in to save F1.

          • I’m just hoping that Adam Parr gets taken on by CVC, something poetic about him turfing Bernie into the dustbin of history. Bernie is still there due to the inertia that only Bernie can run the show, when it’s been clear for years now he’s not as good as he was once. CVC just needs to bite the bullet and get on with it. Bernie is making them look like a bunch of chumps.

        • Sounds like Hippo would definitively squish the old man!

          Grim Reaper: I’ve finally come for Bernie.
          Hippo, sat on Ecclestone: I got impatient..

  2. I haven’t seen any news (anywhere) yet about the “big meeting” yesterday.

    Anyone got any insight? Did it happen?

  3. Don’t know if TheJudge13 had already seen the latest post from our beloved podcast panel Dr. Gary Hartstein but it seems that the FIA is trying to get the Dr. fired from his normal job at the Liege Hospital… the FIA has really sunk too low now. Can’t we do something to express our disgust and let the world know that the FIA is trying these kind of dirty tricks to have someone stop expressing his opinion. Never would have imagined that the small one from France would go this far….


    • Worth bearing in mind that if you take a listen to last weeks podcast, the good Dr told us he is transferring to a new job in the Emirates iirc.. so this could just be tabloid propoganda suggesting that the FIA has this power. Afetr all, if they did, Todt doesn’t particularly like Bernie.

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