Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Sepang 2014

Brought to you by TJ13 Courtroom Reporter & Crime Analyst: Adam Macdonald


Uncertainty about the weather in Malaysia made for an interesting forecast in the league.  Despite the problems of Vettel’s RB, many still elected for him to take the final podium spot.  Those that maintained the obvious selection of a Mercedes 1-2 ahead profited suitably.

Without further ado, let’s see how it all panned out…

On the Up

RNBW was the most improved in the league, rising 126 places to 20th place.  Now filling a spot on the first page thanks to a correct top 4 prediction, much is owed to Ricciardo’s retirement and Massa’s refusal to listen to team orders – or was this in fact a genius insight into the future?  Either way, more rounds like this will continue to rocket the team up the league.


One to Forget

Down 48 places to 92nd position is Khann Motorsport with 37 points for this round.  With just a little more luck the results could have been perfect, but that’s the luck of the roll.  Better luck next time out in Bahrain!

Khann Motorsport

The only way is up

The JudgesMrs was one of the only teams to remain the same, down in 170th place.  Electing Rosberg instead of Hamilton for the win, as well as Perez for 7th place put pay to a successful weekend.  I’m sure if she could, Webber would still be selected for a good finish, although nowadays one has to settle with Ricciardo instead.  Is it something about the Aussie accent?

The JudgesMrs

Nobody saw it coming

Checo Perez not being able to start put pay to a strong race weekend for many, as well as Ricciardo’s pit stop going wrong – all wrong.  The Williams showed strong pace in the dry so presumably will be the same in Bahrain, that is if the internal conflicts do not rumble on.

Food for thought

With the Renault engine seeming so much stronger now it does leave the midfield competition much more open.  Bahrain will be its biggest test yet as the temperatures there soar, however, given the fact it stood up to so much pain in Malaysia (for the turbos) they might just be alright.  Any Sauber supporters will be hoping for a better race as well.  Bahrain could finally produce a genuinely interesting race.

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

So something slightly different for this week – how much did the Sepang International Circuit cost to build at its completion in 1999?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: How many multiple winners of the Australian GP are currently on the F1 grid?

Answer: There were 2, Jenson Button with wins in 2009, 2010 and 2012 as well as Kimi Raikkonen with wins in 2007 and 2013.


Congratualtions to jee1 who got that correct.

Now go and make your predictions for Bahrain – not long to go now until the next instalment of F1 2014!

13 responses to “Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Sepang 2014

  1. What, I don’t get a mention for getting Magnussen right? 😛

    Great write up, Adam, are you going to do the FPs this week as well? I really enjoyed them.

    • I’m sure you’ll get mention later in the season…there aren’t many people who do an Alonso and lose a 15 point margin in the final race 😉
      Many thanks Matt, as with your quali and race reports. Will have to see….5AM FP1 here so too late to stay up for and I’m not sure I’ll be up for that time haha

    • Definitely looks like the competition has gotten tougher this year! Congrats on leading the league Mattpt55. For me.. having the Mercedes and Ferrari drivers the wrong way round cost me dearly! With that right, I would have double my points total and be top 30 globally! I could also be challenging Mattpt55.. who was very close to a runaway lead!

  2. I fucked up. This one was bad. To much trust in the Ferraris. And i thought both vettel and hamilton would get a dnf

  3. Actually I did worse than Khann Motorsport. I think I went from position 11 to 111 and did less than 30 points.

      • Actually I did 32 points and went from 11th to 71. Pretty bad anyway. I put Perez in eight, four places behind Hulkenberg didn’t sound illogical after FP3.

  4. I was doing well this race until Ricciardo’s day went tits up and so did mine! I moved Alonso, Vettel and Hulk out of the spots I predicted and just dropped Jenson into his spot, but I’d rather had e 3ots of 10points and 1 lot of 5, than 3 lots of 5 and 1 lot of 10.
    i Iot a grand total of 38 points, add that to the 39 from last race and I’m on 77pts and that puts me 155 of 189 in the TJ13 league.


  5. Quick top for younger players: Don’t forget to enter your predictions before you head off for a full weekend of golf, grog and gasbagging with your best mates from highschool. DOH!

  6. Magnussen cost me points,by hitting Kimi’s car ,thereby ruining Kimi’s race,and he himself was 9th,which again cost me some points

  7. I am Khann Motorsport. Gutted that I had so many drivers one position out! Could have been a nice haul.

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