#F1 Polls: 2013 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX – Driver of the Weekend

2013 Abu Dhabi Podium
Who do you think was the driver of the weekend, taking into account more than just the race and considering the whole weekend. Please use the comments section below to say why you voted the way you have – and who should be the driver of the weekend.

9 responses to “#F1 Polls: 2013 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX – Driver of the Weekend

  1. Can only be Vettel. I feel sorry for the rest of the drivers. It would be great to see someone other than Mark in that car with Vettel that can at least challenge him. I think Vettel has broken Mark…

  2. I chose Paul Diresta as he was the driver who most noteably outperformed the potential of his car. 2nd option would have been Giedo van der Garde; would have been interesting to see how far he could have come if the performance gap between Marussia/Caterham and the rest was a little smaller

  3. Vettel again for me. I wish other drivers could take the race to him, but when his team mate can not do it, with – in theory, the same technology, what hope is there for the rest?

    • Yes unfortunatelly the car that maybe just maybe could challenge him is Lotus. And lotus team has a practice of magically miss their opportunities weekend after weekend. So Seb is not even challenged. If someone was close he might do a small mistake or something, now it’s just too easy for him. I bet he is almost falling asleep behind the wheel.

      • Kimi was far ahead of Grosjean this weekend, and set for a podium but for the FIA’s “you’ve already used that excuse” way of stewarding.

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