#F1 Poems: The sexiest ever lap of Monza

TJ13 is once again proud to bring you a poem in association with @theF1Poet. Monza is the subject for this special edition.

Monza, as a circuit…she’s just such a flirt…Long sexy legs with parabolica curves and chicanes that tease me like a short summer skirt

She’s the fastest circuit of the entire F1 season…Because to speed in Italy, one does not need an excuse or even a reason

Three quarters of a lap will be at full throttle…Flat wings and flat out, her intentions aren’t subtle

Hard on engines, tyres and brakes alike…She’s sending mixed signals and waiting to strike

Things happen fast at Three-Fifty clicks…She winds me up before letting me have my kicks

I slap on new rubber and my heart skips a beat…She’s viciously wild and unforgivably sweet

There’s no time for games as she messes with me…I’m focused and ready to achieve victory

Off the line to the first chicane, avoiding my rivals and avoiding the pain of being last on the track and first on the plane

Round the sweeping right-hander with my foot to the floor…I’ve got heaps of speed but I need a little bit more

She throws me another chicane when I hit my stride, I go for the kiss but I miss the apex and go slightly wide

I collect myself and I steady my nerves as I tenderly stroke both of her Lesmos curves…without concerns or reserve just the way she wants it and the way she deserves

I’ve got her now, I’ve asked her to dance, she accepts my advance not knowing I’ve seen the Variante Ascari with my previous glance

We Tango and Waltz, at top speed we fly…side step the bends as I hold her thigh, through turns nine and ten…I can hear her sigh, it’s a thrill she cannot deny, I caught that mischievous twinkle in her eye

We roar past the pits as the crowd jumps and cheers…that’s a full lap of Monza as we conquer all fears, while we tickle all seven of those wonderful gears and we show the world why Monza has no peers

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