Russian GP will be in November: Implications?

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After the week we’ve had, news not surprisingly a little slow…so he’re what there is, and then a bit of weekend fun to follow.

Formula One’s first Russian Grand Prix

Russian GP 2014:Never let it be said, Mr. E is too proud to not learn from his mistakes. It appears the 2014 calendar may be concluded before the 2013 version. The mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov, tells Russian publication r-sport that “After the Olympics, in November, the Formula One will be held.”

The huge complex at Sochi is to host the Winter Olympic Games in February 2014. There had been some concern that the final conversions for the inaugural F1 event would not be completed on schedule due to political shenanigans that caused work on the circuit to all but halt in 2012.

According to the mayor, “Everything is now going according to schedule,” adding that the local government’s management of the project was now “successful.” Comrade Pakhomov then asserted that future delays would be unthinkable as they would “damage the honour of the state”.

The teams are likely to experience temperatures of around 10 degrees celsius, and it is the wettest month for the region – Austin was about 40. Maybe the F1 snow racing I amusingly suggested Mr. E should promote for ‘the show’ will now happen. Maybe he reads TJ13…commentators beware!

Anyway, this is going to make things interesting. Here is the schedule for 2013. From a travel point of view, the scheduling from Singapore onwards is surprisingly efficient. Any ideas how we get Russia into November? Also NJ will most likely back to back Canada.

Mar 17
Australian Grand Prix
Mar 24
Malaysia Grand Prix
Apr 14
Chinese Grand Prix
Apr 21
Bahrain Grand Prix
May 12
Spanish Grand Prix
May 26
Monaco Grand Prix
Jun 9
Canadian Grand Prix
Jun 30
British Grand Prix
Jul 7
German Grand Prix
Jul 28
Hungarian Grand Prix
Aug 25
Belgian Grand Prix
Sep 8
Italian Grand Prix
Sep 22
Singapore Grand Prix
Oct 6
Korean Grand Prix
Oct 13
Japanese Grand Prix
Oct 27
Indian Grand Prix
Nov 3
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Nov 17
United States Grand Prix
Nov 24
Brazilian Grand Prix

Sneak peek from McLaren MP4-28: Very much a petite peek.

Sam Michael on 2013

Meet the family: Go on then.. here’s a sneak preview of TJ13’s pet called – ‘Bernie”

…and after hearing Mr. Parr’s comments in Canada Fans FOTA Forum.

Alonso training today: Well Ferrari did announce he was going to be working extra hard to get fit…..not the most co-ordinated outfit I’ve seen the ‘Matador de tores’ showcasing

New super heroes for Lotus 2013:

Embedded image permalink

from @WTF1

Pedro de la Rosa: Personally – I think this new suit ages you Pedro – just a thought….and yes it is an amazing journey through time and space from HRT to Scuderia…we understand.

See you need some advice from TJ13, this is much better….younger…dashing…tidy hair…

17 responses to “Russian GP will be in November: Implications?

  1. ‘The teams are likely to experience temperatures of around 10 degrees celsius,’

    I was at the Canadian GP in 1978 when it was 5C or 6C. it was brutal. Thankfully Villeneuve won so it was worth it.

  2. Not sure if this worked the first time… TJ13 feel free to delete if it’s a double-up.

    In complex situations such as with Bernie et. al, you need to explain things using cats

  3. 2 Things:

    1. Which race will be leaving us then in ’14 – with 19 (currently) this year, plus NJ and Russia, and a 20 race maximum, one race will have to go – do we know which one this is yet?

    2. I have just finished catching up after the internet debacle, and to celebrate, I thought I would post this:

    – after last years mistakes, this would only happen to mclaren!

  4. Not just a bit nippy, but humid, also, dint the sea. Did some Russian contingent argue that they wanted Sochi to be just a bit tougher than the rest? (I know the type.) Awesome part of the world if you have the right weather. Awesome if you don’t . .

  5. p.s. now sadly twitting inanities at above link, /otherjohnF1, oh dear..
    #prisonerof140chars is how I feel . . . big shout out to Diesel Rocks! (How you know I’m into LMP disel tech??)

  6. Damn you Judge – I’d held out for so long! Now, alas, you have forced me to sign on with the (latest) devil. I am now, officially, a twit.

    • Great. TJ13 is a lifestyle. Taught someone how to do a smiley face, a cure for insomnia, therapy for the troubled and now…I’ve ruined another life…welcome to’the sauna’ (slow grin spreading, followed by wicked guffaw)

      • LOL about the sauna. Agree with the lifestyle, but please don’t burn yourself out! Oh, and about this cure for insomnia . . . now that I have a immediate and vital real life application for . .

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