Shocking new photos found: Halo saves F2 driver

The much maligned FIA Halo safety device has been given bad press since it’s introduction for all open cockpit FIA formula’s in 2018.

A halfway measure in terms of aesthetics, the halo is regarded as ugly and something that shouldn’t be in Formula 1 by many fans

The Spanish GP F2 support race appears to show that the Halo might actually be a good thing when an incident between F2 driver Tadasuke Makino and Nirei Fukuzumi saw Fukuzumi’s car launch up and on top of Makino, the gearbox scraping marks into the halo itself.

New photo’s of the incident have surfaced showing the details of the crash.

Back in 2007, the GP2 series saw another incident that fortunately didn’t kill the driver, the Venezuelan Ernesto Viso. Again, had things been different in terms of trajectory, without head protection, this incident may’ve been the last for the young driver.


What do you think about the Halo? Have these photo’s changed your mind if you were not a fan before? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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