McLaren have found the silver bullet

Despite being in nosebleed territory as McLaren gaze at the F1 constructors’ table following the 2018 Chinese GP, all is not well in Woking.

The team’s world champion driver was candid post-race in Shanghai. “On the chassis side we are not quite there and need to work harder.

“We have to improve, no doubts, but at the same time we are doing our job on Sundays. It was a well-executed race but we cannot forget the pace wasn’t there for the whole weekend so we need to keep pushing.”

With no Honda to blame, McLaren no longer can pretend they have the best chassis, particularly given Red Bull have now won a race this season.

Whilst the historic British racing team is placed 4th in the constructors’ championship, 3 points ahead of Renault, they have failed to make Q3 this season and been a little fortuitous with some of the points scored by Alonso.

In their battle for P4 with Renault, Alonso and Hulkenberg are tied on 22 points, with both teams second string drivers needing to raise their games.

But for Macca fans, Eric the believeable’s utterings in China will give them renewed hope that he and Zak Brown have nailed the current car afflictions.

Marca quotes Boullier stating: “There’s nothing serious or horrible in terms of the design. But we have to be faster in the corners and on the straights.”


And that is why Big Ron just had to go. Clearly Dennis lacked clarity in analysing McLaren’s technical requirements and now the dream team of B&B (Boullier and Brown) have found the silver bullet.

Eric the entertainer went on to suggest that the team have been setting their achievement targets too low. And this must change.

“The two drivers think the car is well balanced and when we make a setting change, it reacts properly. The car is matching the objectives we set, so it’s possible that the objectives were not right.”

There was also insider talk of a B chassis for the MCL33, from the McLaren garage in Shanghai, which could debut as early as the Spanish GP.



During an action packed Grand Prix in China, the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo achieved a surprised win despite an underwhelming qualifying on Saturday.

Max Verstappen failed to keep his Red Bull from hitting or spinning yet again, but TJ13’s Editor and Chief AJ thinks the plebs shouldn’t be too hard on the young Dutchman. The panel review this, along with the race in general.

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New f1 engine 2021, McLaren will build it’s own

Murmurings continue of McLaren’s intentions to make their own engines. 

Having severed ties with Honda after three abortive seasons to resuscitate former glories, McLaren find themselves with Renault power and in so doing, become exposed to some ferocious competition in the face of Red Bull and a resurgent Renault team. High on McLaren’s agenda is to relinquish traditional reliance on manufacturer support…..



Fire reported at McLaren Technology Centre

Fire crews have been called to an incident at the car manufacturer’s HQ in Chertsey Road according to Get Surrey news. The fire at McLaren was described as ‘ongoing’ around 7am today. 

fire at mclaren

It’s unclear the extent of the damage to McLaren’s facilities, nor has there been any official statement….




McLaren Honda’s dream result in Japan


In 1988 McLaren-Honda were the dominant force, and their two drivers, two time world champion Alain Prost and his younger team-mate Ayrton Senna arrived at the Japanese Grand Prix with the championship within the grasp of Senna….





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  4. Just a brainfart. Is it possible to design a car that is whithin race regulations at the start, but strategically “desintegrates” to a better race car during the race? Lose a wing here, get a hole there- kind of thing.

    • Lotus (now Renault) actually tried that a few years ago. The thin carbon fibre support rod under the drivers legs holding up the leading edge of the ‘teatray’ had been designed to snap early during the race, making the teatray drag on the floor giving the car hugely improved downforce but making the car illegal. The team would say it was damage during the race. The issue was it was too difficult to design and use it predictably

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