KMag a real fighter. Verstappen blames…

A reaction to the Bahrain GP. What happened to Raikkonen pit stop? Should the FIA look into the safety more closely? Kevin Magnussen fights his way to best finish in the Haas.

Verstappen looked terrible again, unnecessary squeezing having already made the pass on Lewis. This time the Dutchman can’t blame his car. Were Ferrari lucky to get a win for Vettel? Toro Rosso Honda shines, beating McLaren. Alonso 4th in the drivers Championship, McLaren a surprising 3rd in the constructors Championship.

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8 responses to “KMag a real fighter. Verstappen blames…

  1. Don’t think Verstappen “looked terrible again”. Judge, you really dislike this guy and are not being fair. Verstappen didn’t give Hamilton space and Hamilton didn’t give Verstappen space. Both should have known better.

    • Three wide and Hamilton’s on the outside? Common sense says back off and use your DRS on the next lap to pass him. I think we all know if the roles were reversed, we would be hearing all about Verstappen’s dangerous driving.

      What’s with the vertical videos? Couldn’t one of them hold the camera the correct way?

    • TJ13 sang the boy’s praises when he first came into F1. A true talent… his on track actions this year speak louder however

  2. Verstappen blamed Hammy, Hammy thought Verstappen a dickhead. Leave space and a driver will get into it. Couldn’t find fault in either position. Verstappen just took the short end of the stick with his flat and broken driveshaft.

    Macca in 3: I still think this is overrated, but TBH they did well. Gasly in his TR: do they have a new Verstappen in their hands? Surely looks like it.

    KMag: excellent work. RoGro: not so. At the beginning of the season I estimated KMag was in for his last season. He is proving me wrong and I like it.

    What surprised me was the distance between the Hulk and Sainz. Looks like Sainz just capitulated.

    What the hell is going on at Williams??

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