Silverstone: Torro Rosso present Sainz car in unsafe condition and it is ruled “Ineligible”

Oop’s it would seem ( that Torro Rosso has tried cutting some dangerous corners ahead of Thursdays scrutineering at Silverstone by presenting Carlos Sainz’s car in an ‘unsafe condition’.

The damage was found to a wheel tether on Sainz’s car. The curious thing is that the FIA seems to have given the team a chance to rectify the problem but they simply refused.

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Burning Oil in F1. Why do it, what does it achieve, and how to do it?

In Formula One burning oil as part of combustion is banned because of these perceived benefits, but it is claimed some teams have found a way to circumnavigate the rules.

Red Bull was the first to blow a whistle and point to Mercedes accusing them of using this method to get a power boost over the rest of the pack, specifically in the closing stages of qualifying or when they needed an extra little boost on the final laps last year.  Mercedes shook their heads in amazement and it is believed that this year has pointed to Ferrari.  The Italians naturally have denied it and have accredited their gains to mapping… which may be true.

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Boullier upbeat about Honda’s spec 3 PU, Alonso stays level headed and prays for rain clouds

Fernando Alonso remains level headed following today’s practice sessions in Austria. He was 9th fastest in FP1 and 8th fastest in FP2 with a respectable 1m07.510s lap time which is quicker than Schumacher’s 2003 1m08.337 record set in 2003 but +1.535s slower than today’s fastest from Lewis Hamilton who will (announced this evening – Friday) incur a 5 grid penalty for needing a new gearbox under article 23.5a of the FIA 2017 regulations.

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Controversy, team orders, near fatal collisions, a seat in a red car this driver has almost had it all, the one thing that has eluded this experienced and mature driver is a world championship.

The 2008 campaign was the closest he got. The title was all his, until the last two corners in the Formula One season. Glock slowed down, letting Hamilton passed onto a world championship title. Some commentors called it the biggest fix in the history of sport, Glock denied all suggestions. One thing is for sure watching Massa’s father and the Ferrari pit crew celebrating with 20 seconds of the race left, gave you goosebumps, and the change of expression as the realisation hit home that the celebrations were premature was some of the hardest sporting TV broadcast.

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Crashgate: No further action, Vettel is on community service and not allowed to endorse any road safety

The FIA remained deeply concerned by the wider implications of the incident, firstly through the impact such behaviour may have on fans and young competitors worldwide and secondly due to the damage such behaviour may cause to the FIA’s image and reputation of the sport.

Following detailed discussion and further examination of video and data evidence related to the incident, Sebastian Vettel admitted full responsibility.

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Grid TV: Red Bull Home Advantage, Spielberg 2017

…So you might think that going from from zero to two teams (in one year) should provide adequate entertainment and challenges for anyone right? Wrong because what Mr M did then, was even more remarkable. He removed his chequebook once more and purchased the A1 Circuit, redeveloped it and renamed it the “Red Bull Ring”. Being back on the calendar since 2014 it has become a focal point of its national motorsport pride, and a place for a home advantage.. The team from Mobil1 – The Grid interviews Red Bull’s Christian Horner….

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