Judicial Board

Thejudge13 welcomes all who wish to participate and get closer to the sport they love. If you wish to be involved somehow and are not even sure what you can do just speak up and contact us

In no particular order…

Director and Chief Investigator
The Judge 13

Editor in Chief
Andrew Huntley Jacobs

Project Manager
Craig Alderson

Twitter Chief Marketeer
theUsher: Anonymous

Graphics and Design
Site Graphics: Craig Alderson

Administrators: Matt Ragsdale & Craig Alderson

Site managers: John Myburgh & Craig Alderson

FIA Rules Expert
Only one to make sense of it: Matt Ragsdale

Writing staff
Historical Chronicler: Jennie Mowbray

Historical Chronicler: Carlo Carluccio
Chronicler: Landroni
Chronicler: Bruznic
Chronicler: El Jeff Maximo
Chronicler: Required

Breaking News
Courtroom Correspondents: Pagie78
Courtroom Correspondents: Required

Guest Writers
Guest Bloggers: Required

F1 Forensics
Chief Technical Officers: Required

F1 Features
Circuit Profiles: Marek
Qualifying Reviews: Matt Ragsdale
Race Reviews: Matt Ragsdale
Poll results: TheAJf1
Max Verstappen Weekly: TheAJf1
On This Day in F1: Required

TJ13 TV YouTube Channel
Producer: Charlie Boscoe
Pundits: Required

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  1. Exciting news with YouTube TV channel, I’m looking forward to trying to entertain!

  2. Just wanted to get in touch with John Myburgh re an email I sent to thejudge13 last week. Thanks

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