Perez speaks out against Red Bull threats

Next season, Daniel Ricciardo will be the third driver in the Red Bull Formula 1 team. The arrival of the Australian is a direct threat to the position of Sergio Perez, a key member of the team but one who is at odds with Max Verstappen.

The Mexican could pay dearly for his outbursts against the Dutchman. But he is not worried about Ricciardo’s return.

Daniel Ricciardo will play a big part next season. Back at Red Bull after his departure from McLaren, he will be the reserve driver. When his chance comes, he will have to seize it to the full if he is to win the seat from Sergio Perez, who has been in the eye of the storm since his criticism of the undisputed leader Max Verstappen. Perez is reassuring that the decision to recruit Ricciardo “doesn’t change anything for him or for the team.


“I always thought I was a good driver, but I have to admit that this McLaren has also highlighted some of my weaknesses. I am not perfect. This will help me to work on myself.” said Ricciardo,

“I now have a year ahead of me to work on those weaknesses. It’s so difficult to implement everything directly during the season, despite all the data. There’s too much to do, you’re always travelling from one race to the next and there’s not enough time to take a step back from the situation,” said Daniel Ricciardo.



“He wasn’t recruited to put pressure on us”

But that’s not enough to make Sergio Perez waver. The Mexican is delighted with Ricciardo’s arrival and reminds him of his role in the team.

“I’m pretty relaxed. We live under a lot of pressure all the time. It doesn’t change anything from my side, I think it’s a great achievement for the team to have a driver like Daniel and he will bring a lot to our team.

“He’s a great guy, he’s one of the guys I get on best with in the paddock, so I think it’s great to have Daniel in the team, and from my side it doesn’t change anything as far as the team is concerned.

!There have been clear discussions, he’ll have a role in the simulator and in terms of marketing, and as a reserve for half the races. He has not been recruited to put pressure on us”, he said. 





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