Loss of F1 drive: Schumacher points finger

After leaving the Haas Formula 1 team as a regular driver, Mick Schumacher is still looking for a job. For the 23-year-old, it is clear that he has not yet been able to show everything he can do in Formula One. The German citing himself as part of the reason,  Mick points the finger at his own approach being ‘wrong’.

“I definitely want to stay in Formula 1 and am now looking at the options that are out there. And hopefully I’ll pick the right one. I would like to prove everyone who doesn’t believe in me wrong,” said the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher in an interview with auto motor und sport.


Schumacher interviewed in f4

Recently, there have been increasing signs that Mick could join Mercedes as a test driver in the coming season. Team boss Toto Wolff recently confirmed that the Silver Arrows would be interested in such a solution.

Schumacher, on the other hand, is not thinking about a future outside Formula 1. Asked about a plan B, he said: “Plan A was always to stay in Formula 1.”


The Formula 2 champion from 2020 is still struggling with his departure from Haas. They didn’t have enough patience with him, Mick says: “I know what I can do, I proved it in the junior categories and I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do the same in Formula 1.”



My mistake with Magnussen

He also feels he has developed a lot in his two years in Formula 1: “Formula 1 is a completely different calibre to all the other racing categories I’ve driven so far. I’ve felt more comfortable every time I’ve got in the car.”

However, he said, this was not always visible to outsiders.

“In Formula 1, teams are evolving. That’s why it’s hard to measure yourself. If another team improves and yours doesn’t, you feel you’re going backwards, even if you’ve got better as a driver,” he described.

Nevertheless, Schumacher also admitted mistakes with a view to last season. Especially in the team-internal duel with Kevin Magnussen, he sometimes wanted too much and thus got lost in the setup.


“He went into this season without any great expectations. He had nothing to lose, but I did. Under the circumstances, my approach was probably wrong in retrospect,” said Schumacher.

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  1. Mick is fast and I hope he gets one more chance. But you can’t expect any team to nurse him all the way.. And his uncle isn’t doing the kid any favor by pissing the team leaders off.

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