Vettel drops biggest hint about his next job

Sebastian Vettel has officially ended his impressive career in Formula 1, and from now on the four-time world champion wants to devote himself entirely to his family. But the German driver from Heppenheim has now let it be known that he could soon be itching to get back to racing. The 35-year-old is particularly fond of one motorsport racing series somewhat different to F1.

After 15 years in the pinnacle of motorsport and 299 F1 starts, it was the end for Sebastian Vettel when he sat behind the wheel for the last time at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, after which he was duly celebrated by fans and colleagues.

But it won’t be long before Vettel is back in a racing car: on 28 and 29 January, he will compete in the Race of Champions in Sweden.



At the internationally popular motorsport event, drivers from a wide variety of series compete against each other. Vettel has been taking part regularly for years, and in 2015 he even won. Last year, he formed a team together with Mick Schumacher.

So does the ex-driver, who celebrated his greatest successes with Red Bull, see his future primarily in rallying?

“Of course you look at other things,” the website GPFans cites the German:

“For now, I’m happy to do nothing. Then I’ll see what it does to me. There are so many other things in my head, other interests, even away from racing.”



“Rallying has always appealed to me”

Vettel confessed that his many years in Formula One has had a big impact on him:

“Formula One was very important in my life for so long, so it will be hard to say I won’t miss it. For some reason I’ve always enjoyed rallying, but I can see it’s a big challenge because it’s so different to what we do in classic lap track racing.”

Vettel would not be the first Formula One driver to be drawn to rallying. His former Ferrari team-mate Kimi Räikkönen, for example, took a year out in the WRC after his first stint with the Italians. So it’s possible that Vettel could soon do the same.




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