Alonso suffers big penalty & attacks team

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso was penalised on the grid for the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix after his car was fitted with a number of engine components.

Fernando Alonso was unable to start the F1 Sprint race at Spielberg on Saturday due to an electrical problem with his car. The two-time world champion qualified last on the grid for Sunday’s main race and his team decided to fit a new power unit to his car to minimise the impact of the resulting penalties.

Alonso received a fifth internal combustion engine, a fifth turbo, a fifth MGU-H, a fourth battery and a fourth electronic control unit. Because of all these changes, the Alpine driver will have to start from the back of the grid on Sunday, which doesn’t change much for him.


The Spaniard certainly didn’t seem pleased with his team after the car was showing good pace again proved by team mate Ocon nearer to the sharp end during qualifying and the sprint race yesterday.

Fernando Alonso reflected on “a very strange season” so far in the wake of his latest car issue at the Austrian Grand Prix, and in not so many words attacks the French team hinting that his team mate never seems to suffer the same problems as he.

“Five minutes before the start, we have a blackout in the car and we could not switch on the car, we tried to fire it up with an external battery but it didn’t work either,” explained the 40-year-old. “Something bigger going on there… Esteban’s car is always good.” concludes Alonso.


“[I’m driving at the] level of 2012 and I have 20 points or something like that [28]. It’s unbelievable, maybe we lost 70 points or 60, if we count all the retirements and bad luck, and reliability. A very strange season.

“I’m very proud of my own job so far this year, I’m driving at my best and I’m trying to work with the team as close as I can. If we don’t get the points, because of all these reasons, it’s very frustrating. But I would be more sad if it was because of own mistakes or spinning around or crashing or something like that, I try to do as much as I can.

“For people who don’t look at the races or the weekend in general and just look at the standings, they get the wrong impressions for sure with this 2022 [season], because I feel it has been outstanding for number 14 crew, but very unlucky.”



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