Verstappen jeered at Silverstone

Max Verstappen failed to claim pole position by less than 0.1s at the 2022 British GP. It was Carlos Sainz who grabbed the number grid start position for the first time in his career. During the podium interviews the crowd boo’d Max Verstappen presumably because he beat Silverstone favourite Lewis Hamilton to the 2021 WDC.

The podium interviews were performed by Billy Monger and Verstappen was asked later about the crowd jeering him. 

After Brazil 2016, Max has been compared to Senna

“I was a bit disappointed,” commented Verstappen. “Because I couldn’t really understand Billy which was a bit of a problem. But the rest, I mean, if they want to boo they do that. For me it’s not going to change anything.”

“Maybe some of them, they don’t like me and that’s fine. They will have their own opinions and I don’t care.”



Next weekend Formula One is racing in Austria. The Red Bull Ring is usually a big favourite with the dutch fans and it could well be they return the favour to Hamilton.

Social media is spilt between two viewpoints over booing.

Some commentators believe if the fans pay their money, they have the right to express their opinions however they wish.

Others believe differently




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8 responses to “Verstappen jeered at Silverstone

  1. Must be Hamilton supporters who jeered Verstapen. Typical. Pea brain mentality

    • I’ve been bothered by the so-called MV fans who boo LH for some time now. I was in Austria last year and LH was already booed there when he came by. so pointless and unnecessary. and I haven’t even mentioned Zandvoort yet. but well MV’s response is the best just ignore

      • I do agree and also feel ashamed when my fellow dutchies do it. The Austrian incident you mention was after Silverstone ‘21 and LH’s despicable behaviour. Since LH just declared in Silverstone (‘22) that he understands the emotion, he probably understood that than too.
        However, this is a new season, new cars, new rules, new start… Too bad the British fans initiate this again. Undoubtedly based on frustrations from the ‘21 finale. For sure this will now go back and forth during the rest of the season.

  2. All those racist fans booing at Verstappen because he is white.

    Sounds just as silly as when it was said that the fans were only booing at Hamilton because he is half black.

    Sports push for tribe mentality. It’s the only way to sell silly priced tickets and stupid priced shirts and hats (hamiltons hat is around $80 usd last I checked).

    These drivers make millions… they don’t make that money just to drive a car. They make a big portion of it to be spotlighted.
    And they demand special treatment, red carpet, and exemptions wherever they go.
    With that fame, money and special treatment come the fanaticism (both sides) of the fan base.

    They need to get over themselves. They are rich guys driving a toy around in circles.

  3. Think it’s a British pantomime humour thing which is hard to understand. It’s mocking and laughing all at once. Not like Ultra style football hooligan behaviour

    • Maybe. So you have to be British to understand it then? Too bad the rest of the world isn’t and will interpret it in the non-British way… which is not a positive one.

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