Hamilton expected Silverstone pole position

Bernie Ecclestone once joked when Formula One was going through a processional period, that installing “sprinklers” at circuits would liven things up. Well the British weather meant at Silverstone no sprinklers were required as a wet qualifying session built the crowd’s hopes for a Hamilton pole.

After a slow start Carlos Sainz last lap in Q1 saw him progress to the next session and end up with the last clean lap in Q3 and his first ever pole position in 150 GP weekends.

Max Verstappen was hindered on his last lap by a spinning Charles LeClerc coming in P2 less than 0.1s behind the Spaniard.

LeClerc’s previous lap was good enough for P3.



There was huge hype coming into the weekend that the upgraded Mercedes may propel Lewis Hamilton to his best result of the year and Lewis believed he’d missed an opportunity to fight for pole.

“We brought some parts to the car but it wasn’t a big upgrade. We seemed to have closed up a bit.”

“I think in the dry we wouldn’t have been able to compete for a top 3. But in the rain we had a chance today,” lamented Hamilton.

Hamilton explained, “In the rain you’re not as fast in the high speed corners, so there’s less bouncing. In the dry you’re carrying a lot more speed so more bouncing. And it’s the bouncing that’s making it pretty bad for us”



Lewis really believes he could have delivered a great result for the British fans today. “I’m, a little bit gutted really, cos we have such a great crowd here and I was pushing so hard to get on the front row and fight for pole position today.

“I think we could have been in the top 3. Honestly I was gunning for second at least.”

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However, Hamilton was over a second a lap slower than the leader in Q1 and Q2 and was a similar distance behind the eventual pole sitter Carlos Sainz.

6 responses to “Hamilton expected Silverstone pole position

  1. If it was up to the FIA, they would have given Hamitlon P1 in qualifying. All his ugly drama earlier, clearly stage managed by Wolff, has given FIA a chance to please them – again. His Karma was not complete at Abu Dhabi last year. There is more to come. Also the reckoning for dealing Masi dirty.

  2. Oh dry your eyes its a racing event meant to be settled by the skill of the drivers. The whole world knows that Maxs victory was manufactured (except the Lewis haters and Max fans). Lewis whilst acting like a big girl at times is still a time world champion who was robbed of the 8th. I’d you were an actual fan of the sport you would know that. But keep up the good work being a Lewis troll.

    • Judge13, you talk a pileof kak that is consistently written to attract readers to controversy or absolute tabloid content. My opinion.

    • Not LH is a 7 or 8 times wdc, MB is. Lewis was just a passenger. Hardly any better than Latifi. Russell and the ‘goat’ himself prove that every race since MB is no longer the best car. LH is nowhere.

  3. We deserved pole today as we were pushing so hard and had such a great crowd…..what a pile of crap! About time your followers crowd surfed your carcass into the nearest wheelie bin….Gripping your arse cheeks in spain for the cameras really upstaged your well deserving team mate of 3rd placed podium from being broadcast & forcing FIA into rewriting rules to benifit Merc where others had to financially sort their shit out….. keep Spanking Him George, you are a very well, balanced, likeable driver…..

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