“Hamilton preoccupied with piercings, gems & nonsense than real racing”

“Hamilton is too preoccupied with his piercings…and other nonsense than real racing,” is the opinion of some, and in particular, one. Lewis Hamilton, seven times world Formula 1 champion, is getting his fair share of criticism this year.

Mercedes have been the most dominant F1 outfit ever and Hamilton has benefitted with 6 world titles. However, the Brackley based team have produced a car which regularly bounces due to the bad design of the new ground effect aerodynamics. That said Lewis’ team mate George Russell has found a way around the Mercedes W13 problems clicking up 5 consecutive top 5 finishes.

Meanwhile, Lewis finds himself embroiled in battles on a number of fronts.

Firstly, the new FIA president has decided he will enforce rules previously neglected by his predecessor. Drivers have been wearing jewellery deem hazardous under the FIA’s health and safety code – much of which was petitioned for by the drivers.

Lewis has refused to comply picking a second fight with FIA president Ben Sulayem after he refused to meet his mandatory and legal requirements to attend the 2021 end of season FIA gala.


Hamilton turned on his engineer in Miami when asked whether he wanted to pit under the safety car, Lewis threw Pete Bennington under the bus. Despite disputing team calls in the past and demanding his strategy be implemented, Lewis told the team in post race interviews he was in no position to understand the context of the race around him.

Dutch racing driver Tom Coronel and veteran touring car specialist believes that the environment at Mercedes is toxic at present and suggests that Sir Lewis Hamilton needs to be more focused to help the team


“Mercedes and Hamilton are not on a good vibe,” he told Motorsport.com adding he believes Hamilton is merely “looking for excuses” as he suffers his team mate beating him week in and out.

“Hamilton and Mercedes are definitely not in that at the moment. I see Hamilton making a lot of excuses, but it’s also very difficult because he keeps getting punched in the nose from his team-mate Russell,” he added,

“Then you go to the wrong momentum and you see that happening with Hamilton now. He’s looking for excuses.”

The TCR Spa 500 winner concludes, “Hamilton is too preoccupied with his piercings, gems and other nonsense than real racing.”




5 responses to ““Hamilton preoccupied with piercings, gems & nonsense than real racing”

  1. Why doesn’t everybody just keep their comments to themselves and just consentrate on the racing. F1 has gone downhill for years now, too many rules and regulations (not always adhered to) compulsary tyre changes, pit stops, fuel tempreture. Let us go back to the “old” days when drivers got in the car and drove until the end. That is all I wish to see. I have gone off F!, Indycar for me now. Much more exciting.

    • At this stage Lewis must be carefull with his allegations and comments! It could turn out bad for him at the end as it seems he does not realize that the sport you practise is always bigger than the individual.

  2. “in no position to understand the context of the race around him” No chance on earth that Schumi, or even Max would ever uterrvthose words.

  3. 7 titles and still people expect the curve to continue up.not even the biggest economies in the world can maintain a seven year up trend.hamilton beat them with carts .let’s accept the chances in changes that made the sport fair for all.limited and fair budgets.lets give the high rollers a chance to stabilise. This leaves lewis no exception to the parallel correction in the team.growth is the real definition here.not lewis.

    • It is now clearly proven it was never LH , but always the car. I feel sorry for his previous teammate they obviously held him back on purpose.

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