Ferrari copy: Real Aston Martin car breaks cover, but is for Lance Stroll only…

Four time world Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel, the current F1 season is not going according to plan at all. Instead of competing for victories and podiums, the 34-year-old is driving around in the rear of the midfield with his Aston Martin, a team in crisis after the takeover of Lawrence Stroll. A ray of light has appeared in a brand new AMR22 ‘B spec’ car will debut in Barcelona, but only Lance Stroll will take the wheel.

Paddock rumour now confirms a story this website had published some months ago, that the current spec AMR22 F1 car is actually an interim version, and that the real car had still been in develepment in the wind tunnel. And so for the next Formula 1 race, Aston Martin wants to bring a completely revised car to the starting grid.

Back in March, TJ13 reported that Aston Martins’ Performance director Tom McCullough confirmed that what we are currently seeing on the track is not the current iteration of the AMR22, and that the real car is still undergoing testing and development in the wind tunnel.

“The car you see today has nothing to do with the one we have in the wind tunnel,” said McCullough.

The question is, will this big update at Aston Martin finally turn things around?

“For us it feels like a victory,” Sebastian Vettel had said after the first points win in Imola. With this he underlined where Aston Martin currently stands. The team cannot fulfil its own expectations and rumblings from within the team say that Lawrence Stroll is set explode.

Naturally, the aim now is to turn things around as quickly as possible. 

“Aston Martin wants to bring a new car. Everyone will see that, you don’t have to look with a magnifying glass,” revealed Formula 1 insider Michael Schmidt of “Auto Motor und Sport” in his YouTube format “Formula Schmidt”.


According to his information, some things will be changed a lot: “I think they will be much slimmer at the rear. They will keep the wide side pods at the front. Maybe it will be a Ferrari copy, we’ll see,” says Schmidt.

The new car is to make its debut at the Spanish GP (22 May) in Barcelona. But it is questionable whether both cars will get the serious update by then.

“As is the case all over the world at the moment, there are delivery problems with materials and parts. Under certain circumstances, only one car will be ready, and then we’ll have to see who gets it. I would guess the son of the owner (Lance Stroll),” is the prediction of F1 insider Michael Schmidt.

That would certainly not be nice for Vettel, but the most important thing for the 34-year-old is probably that the car finally becomes competitive. 



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  1. Wow, these days it seems like journalism has become such a lazy profession. Such poor word order and choice of words.

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