Verstappen Snr issues a warning

Red Bull Racing Formula 1 driver and current champion Max Verstappen has twice been caught out by his machinery and has lost precious points in the title race to Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. The father of the reigning world champion hopes that Red Bull has sorted out its reliability problems and issues the team a warning that if they don’t get straight the mechanical side of the car, there won’t be a competition in the title race this year.

Max Verstappen continues to build on his first F1 world title last season. The Dutchman has been impressive in his Red Bull, winning every race he has been able to finish. The only problem was that he was forced to retire in two of the first five Grand Prix of the season due to mechanical problems, which gave Charles Leclerc the opportunity to score crucial points and retain the World Championship lead by 19 points.


Although the Red Bull seems a slightly superior performer, the rival Ferrari F1-75 is dazzling all with its reliability. Jos Verstappen warns the team led by Christian Horner that “you can’t afford to have retirements”.

“What an incredible result for Max in Miami!” exclaims Jos, a former F1 driver himself,

“He [Max] once again looked very strong in the race after a difficult start to the weekend. The problems on Friday didn’t allow him to adjust his car properly, which made things even more complicated on a city circuit,

“I could understand that he was a bit irritable. It’s a pity he made that mistake in qualifying, but that can happen,

“He wasn’t helped by the fact that he didn’t know the track very well. It can go either way, but obviously you can’t afford to have retirements. If the reliability of the Red Bull becomes good, I think Max will be able to have another great season and give us an exciting duel with Leclerc,

“We’ll have to see which team develops their car best and which developments work best,” 



8 responses to “Verstappen Snr issues a warning

  1. If Max does not have any more car troubles, he will be unstoppable.
    Leclerc is very good no doubt, but is infinitesimally behind Max.
    It is great to have a fight in F1 unlike all previous years when, by a combination of subterfuge, politics and chicanerry, an undeserving bus driver was celebrated as the goat by his fanboys.
    The world knew different, and thanfully, fresh talent has arrived to expose the ordinariness of the LOAT.

    • The article has nothing to do with LH. Pity your hatred makes you stupid

      • This is payback time for all the sissies who wear nose rings like their hamheroine and spouted stupid hatred for years.

  2. So Verstappen senior has deducted that when RB has a lot of retirements, junior will not be wdc again… what a genius !!

  3. At least he will win a legitimate title not the given one by Masi but Ferrari are also competing

    • @Mmbengeni, this is a great F1-racing forum, please leave that sjw-crap for CNN or the NYT!

  4. Maybe JV should walk the walk and help out and roll up his sleeves instead of jawing away moaning. Like RB mechanics aren’t really bothered and just filling out their hours? JV , Marko, Whiney Spice, Sarcy Max, F1 can do without them all.

  5. I think the media coverage of the F1 are hyped from small inconsequential comments by the cadre of drivers and the team support staff.If there isnt much going on lets enhance nothing.

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