Grosjean speaks about Magnussen picked for Haas return over himself

When asked about Kevin Magnussen’s return to Haas this Formula 1 season, Romain Grosjean had no regrets about not being recalled by his former team, the American F1 outfit instead of asking the Dane to rejoin the team to replace Russian driver Nikita Mazepin.

The Frenchman, who left F1 in 2020 after his spectacular accident in Bahrain made famous globally in the Netflix series Drive to Survive, is now racing in Indycar and seems to be happy with his situation.

As such, this season Grosjean has watched from afar as his former teammate Kevin Magnussen returns to Haas as a replacement for Nikita Mazepin, and Roman Grosjean has no regrets that he was not approached for the opportunity.


“A lot of people ask me if I would like to return to Haas,” says Grosjean,

“I speak with Günther (Steiner) from time to time, I would say once or twice a year,

“I sent him a message to congratulate him on the work he has done to move up the order, but otherwise I am very happy with my current situation. I want to win you know…

“A lot of people ask me if I’d like to go back to Haas, but I want to have the opportunity to win every weekend,” said Romain Grosjean who clearly believes Haas is unlikely to win in Formula 1 anytime soon.



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