Leclerc’s strong message to his rivals

Currently leading the Formula 1 world championship, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is being chased by his rivals but it’s a situation that does not bother the F1 driver, something he’s keen to send as a stong message to his rivals in the title hunt.

Since the first Grand Prix of the season, Charles Leclerc has been leading the F1 world championship. Today, following the last Grand Prix in Miami, the Ferrari driver is still first, but his lead over his runner-up, Max Verstappen, is shrinking. The Red Bull driver is now only 19 points behind, but the hunt for the Monegasque will no doubt continue in earnest, especially at the next Grand Prix in Barcelona.

“I like this situation,” claims the Ferrari driver.


Following the last Grand Prix in Miami, Charles Leclerc explained about his position as the hunted driver in the drivers’ title race. The Ferrari driver is not visibly upset by this, appearing to be ‘Mr Cool’ in the heat of competition.

“To be honest, I like this position because it means you are doing something good. But it’s also true that it’s been two races that the gap is gradually closing,

“But yeah, it doesn’t really bother me to be honest whatever position I’m in, I just want to be the most competitive. And at the moment it seems that Red Bull has the upper hand in the races,” Leclerc explains.




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