Gasly rants at Alonso

While Pierre Gasly was unable to finish the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, the AlphaTauri driver pointed the finger at rival Alpine F1 driver, Fernando Alonso.

For the first F1 Miami Grand Prix, it was Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who won. However, many other drivers did not have such a relatively simple race. This was notably the case for Pierre Gasly who started 7th on the starting grid. The AlphaTauri driver was unable to finish the race due to a collision, Gasly then went after Fernando Alonso ranting about what had occurred.

“He ruined the race for us” exclaims Gasly,


“It’s very simple, Alonso touched me and broke the car. Unfortunately after that, the car was impossible to drive, and we were going to pit and give up,”

“Then what happened with Norris happened. I turned right to avoid him, he tightened up and we touched,

“We were having a good race, until Fernando broke the car. I haven’t seen the pictures again but I could see that he was very far away when he braked. What is certain is that it ruined the race for us, we were in seventh place at the time, we were fighting for seventh or eighth place and it’s frustrating that the race ended like that”, said Pierre Gasly



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