Vettel hints at ‘difficulties’ at Aston Martin

As Aston Martin unveiled its AMR22 Formula 1 car on Thursday, Sebastian Vettel outlined his ambitions for the new F1 season – But admits that there have been difficulties despite remaining bullish about his prospects.

After finishing 12th in the overall standings, Sebastian Vettel is about to embark on his second season with Aston Martin this year. The four-time world champion’s objective will obviously be to do better and as expected, said as much. The German gave his impression and that he will be able to count on the new AMR22, presented by Aston Martin on Thursday.

On this occasion, Sebastian Vettel gave his first impressions and stated his ambitions for 2022 during the presentation.


“I think it’s still a big effort, there are a lot of new things and it’s hard to know what to expect, it’s impossible to say at the moment.” admits Vettel,

“We are progressing and we will be better than last year. We had difficulties but for many reasons, but we should be better.” says the hopeful German perhaps referencing the big issues the performance department has had in the last few months designing the new car, exclusively reported by this website when a team member contacted us.

“There are many new things to discover, with the new tyres and the new cars.

“These are big challenges and we are hoping for a tighter pack and to be able to run at the front than last year. Realistically, we don’t know at the moment and we have to be patient, just a few more days.

“The team is gaining momentum to start the season well and to develop the car during the season,” said Vettel.



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  1. Vettel won ony when he had the fastest car, the same as Hamilton.
    Superior driving ability is something else!

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