Rosberg: F1 comeback driving for Mercedes instead of Hamilton

While Nico Rosberg retired from Formula 1 racing in 2016, the German has revealed that he could have made a comeback in F1 in place of Lewis Hamilton.

It was at the top that Nico Rosberg decided to call it a day from Formula One. In 2016, at the wheel of his Mercedes, the German was crowned world F1 champion, his first and only title.


Following this, the driver made a shocking decision to retire from the sport. Rosberg decided to turn the page on the world of Formula 1, but the flame could well have been rekindled in 2020 when Lewis Hamilton contracted the coronavirus and was unable to race, bringing in George Russell from Williams as a substitute. 


“I thought about it” confesses Nico Rosberg

As Nico Rosberg revealed, he could have been seen driving a Mercedes again instead of Lewis Hamilton. It crossed his mind.

“I thought about it. Hamilton had Covid and had to miss the race. So I said to myself, ‘It would be cool if I sat in a Mercedes again’,” said the German, reported by Motorsport Total.


However, Rosberg was soon realistic, explaining: “I wouldn’t have a chance today. I wouldn’t have a chance to do more than three laps at all. My arms, my forearms, would fail immediately. And your neck would fall between your legs when you brake. I can’t hold it at all. I have no muscles left.”


27 responses to “Rosberg: F1 comeback driving for Mercedes instead of Hamilton

    • In his little boy wet dreams only! He couldn’t win a three legged race unless he paid off the judges and u turned into a mole hole to stop just mum running on the field. Ridiculous!

      • Obviously you didn’t read the whole article, as Rosberg himself said “I wouldn’t have a chance of completing even 3 laps”. There is no need for your salty incorrect insults. Grow up family.

  1. If the loss of a title can’t make you more hungry for revenge, you surely ain’t worth being called a champion. Little Lulu, the eternal crybaby’ is just this. Now that he lost to a true champion, he hides just like a pussy would do

    • I don’t know who or what you’ve watching or reading but the one person that’s not been moaning to the media is Lewis himself.

  2. If Lewis do not drive this year I won’t be watching as for max he is a dirty driver when he put the car on top. Of Lewis he should had made sure he was okay not walk off like a spoilt kid threw his toys out the pram

    • Seriously! Max wouldn’t have had the time to plan a trip on top of Lewis’ car! Even if he did the physics involved would involve more than lightning speed reactions and complex algorithms for him to plant his car on top of Lewis!
      This is F1 and the combination of the two fastest drivers currently racing at break net speed is bound to cause unplanned accidents.
      And if you are really concerned about ‘planned accidents’ then let’s raise Lewis tap on Max’s right rear wheel at nearly two hundred mph that was enough to send Max off into the barriers at Silverstone causing the biggest accident in F1 in years. Lewis has been around long enough to understand the physics of speed plus minimum grip to understand the consequences of that ‘tap’.

    • Hammy was trying to reverse and join the race when max was getting out of his car. If that not an indication that the driver is fine then I don’t know.

  3. Of course that incident was mainly caused by Max. But really, Lewis should have been disqualified there. Lewis is the dangerous driver. First Silverstone, then this. He tried to reverse when Max was in the car still. I don’t think anything was wrong with Lewis. Physically that is. But under pressure, he goes for the kill. Literally in his case.

  4. A part of the reason I visit this site is the spin the judge takes when he reblogs news from other sources. Always controversial and confrontational which to me is refreshing as opposed to some sites where you feel like a preacher writes the articles – and don’t get me started on the way comments are moderated. In here everyone gets his say and that’s what internet should be.

    Having said that, I miss the old days when TJ seemed to be a bit more connected and had the occasional scoop. But maybe I just have to be patient…

    • Always good to see you comment Verstappen, a long termer… Yes some connections have evaporated during the period of 3 or 4 years where I took a back seat, concentrating on other things unrelated to F1. Well I’m back more now, and I’m sure the scoops will come in time 😉

  5. If mecedes have any common sense they would tell rosberg to piss off 2nd rate pillock at best whinging little gobshite that he is.

  6. You and your elitist bullshit contributors will still be sniping and whinging while the Greatest F1 CHAMPION AND WORKING CLASS HERO DEMONSTRATES WITH CLASS AND STYLE HOW IT’S DONE..

    • Greatest F1 champion 😂😂😂. There are special ‘homes’ for people who make silly statements like that! They come with dedicated staff (all dressed in white) who guide you to and from your well equipped room, change your diaper, help bathe you (bet you will like that) and chose what you wear for the day. Enjoy your stay.
      But you do have a quirky sense of humour 😂😂😂

    • I’m guessing your F1 historical knowledge is limited. Working class hero? He had his racing programme paid for by Mclaren and Mercedes, no one has ever had the backing he received.

      For working class, I call Michael Schumacher as an example. His father was a builder, mother a waitress? What about Kimi Raikkonen?

      As to class and style, I only see entitlement behaviour with LH. His 2011 season was glorious failure generally and he cited his split from Nicole Scherzinger. Yet that same year Alonso was going through a divorce and it made no impact on his racing at all.

      And as for style, have you actually seen half of what he wears? Turning up at Wimbledon one year and being refused entry because of his supposed ‘style’ Bejesus…

      • Well said. Hamilton fans confuse most wins with best which is so wrong! Had Hamilton not had the best car for each of his WDC’s he would be an unknown entity.
        Max Verstappen’s performance this year re-enforces Hamilton’s inability to perform against raw talent and pressure.

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