Toto Wolff rejected Fernando Alonso

When asked about Fernando Alonso, Toto Wolff acknowledges the talent of the two-time world Formula 1 champion, but regrets that he is not aware “that the universe does not revolve around him” – Further, he rejected Alonso for the Mercedes team.

At the age of 40, Fernando Alonso is making a remarkable return to Formula 1 after two seasons away from the paddock. At the wheel of the Alpine, the Spanish driver is proving that he has lost none of the talent that enabled him to win two world titles.

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Toto Wolff believes that Fernando Alonso could have won more titles if he had made better career choices. The Spaniard joined McLaren at a very bad time on two occasions and his time at Ferrari did not coincide with the Scuderia’s best period either. But for the Mercedes boss, the Spanish driver’s ego has also played tricks on him.


“Some drivers are reckless and believe they are the centre of the universe”

“Alonso is without doubt one of the best Formula One drivers who has ever raced.” says Woldd,

“It’s disappointing for the sport that he doesn’t have more than two titles to his name, but in F1 it’s about being aware that you are part of the universe and the universe doesn’t revolve around him.

“Some drivers are reckless, they come into the media spotlight and start to believe that they are the centre of the universe. You are not, none of us are. We are all satellites, we are the spinning planets.


“There are many examples where a great talent failed because they lacked intelligence. Some of them didn’t even make it to Formula One,” he said, explaining that it was Fernando Alonso’s “unwise choices” that led him to “never really consider” the Spanish driver for the Mercedes seat in the past.



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  1. I think these kind of comments are not expected from a person like Toto. People make choice based on their situation. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Boasting himself for winning 7 titles. Very bad attitude

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