Verstappen, Hamilton… Red Bull’s angry reaction to Wolff comments

After Max Verstappen was blamed for the collision with Lewis Hamilton at Monza during the F1 Italian Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver was quite annoyed by the criticism, as Christian Horner reports.

The battle for the title between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is reaching a fever pitch this season. The rivalry came to a head at Monza when the two drivers clashed and were forced to retire.


The Dutchman was deemed responsible for the accident and was penalised three places on the grid for the following race. The Red Bull driver was also criticised, notably by Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss. And Christian Horner admits he didn’t like it.


“Unfortunately, opinions are always rather biased”

“Max was very upset and disappointed by these comments. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but it’s disappointing because it was absolutely not the case.

“Can the same be said for Lewis then at Silverstone?” exclaims Horner,

“I can then say just like that that I think Lewis knew the risk he was taking, and the stewards obviously found him more at fault.

“Unfortunately, opinions are always quite biased. The facts though… We lost a car, lost an engine and he managed to go on and win the race, so there was virtually no penalty for him when he was deemed at fault. OK, it didn’t go well that day, but things tend to even out over the course of the year,” the Red Bull team boss said.


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