Red Bull sends a huge message on its duel with Mercedes

While Red Bull Racing and Mercedes F1 are in a fierce battle this season, Christian Horner believes the rivalry is healthy.

This season, many thought that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes would easily win the world championship. But Red Bull and Max Verstappen have decided to do more than just tease the British driver and his team.


Indeed, the Dutchman even passed the seven-time world champion in the drivers’ standings at the Turkish Grand Prix. So the battle between Mercedes and Red Bull promises to be a lively one at the end of the season, but Christian Horner assures us that it is a healthy one despite the occasional friction that may arise.

“We always respect each other once the sessions or the races start”. confirms Horner,

“There will always be friction. Mercedes wants to defend the title, we can finally win it again.

“That’s the only reason we’re here. We have little interaction with Mercedes actually, in the paddock. We don’t really have a relationship with each other, but we always respect each other once the sessions or the races start.

“No, we don’t have a role model [in Mercedes], although they have been impressive. We set our own goals and standards. We are not followers, we don’t follow anyone,” explained Christian Horner





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