Vettel not happy

With 22 Grand Prix taking place in the four corners of the world, the Formula 1 calendar can sometimes be difficult for the drivers to cope with. For Sebastian Vettel, it is also the health of the employees of the various F1 teams that is not taken into account enough.

In Formula 1, the drivers have to keep up with the hectic pace on the track, just like the paddock staff behind the scenes. The world championship can be very demanding on the body, with many races to manage throughout the season, from one time zone to another. Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel believes the FIA should revise its calendar to give the sport a new lease of life.


“We shouldn’t have so many races” demands the German driver,

“This is just my opinion, and it’s worth what it’s worth, but I think we shouldn’t have so many races.

“There are a number of reasons for that. First of all, maybe there are too many races for people to watch. It’s not special anymore if there are so many.

“The team is already under a lot more stress. They arrived on Monday or Saturday of the previous week, they build the garage, prepare the cars, and then also they have to race all week and then pack up, send everything back, and get ready back at the factory.

“So they have no time for themselves.

“And I think we are in a time where people are more and more aware that they have a life too, and that this life does not belong to the employer. I think you should find a number of races that is viable to keep your passion for many years and not get sucked into that rhythm after two or three years.”




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  1. I agree Seb,
    being the hamster in an F1 wheel may seem like heaven to some,but you are not being refreshed during time off…..!
    regards Paul.

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