Norris’ crazy ambitions with McLaren & highlights big deficiency

Lando Norris’ crazy ambitions with McLaren – Lando Norris has set his sights on the McLaren F1 team despite the presence of Daniel Ricciardo.

The 21-year-old driver is dreaming of a world championship with his team.

Despite the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo, Lando Norris seems the defacto number one driver at McLaren. At the foot of the podium in the overall Formula 1 standings (4th, 10 points ahead of Sergio Pérez), the 21-year-old driver is doing his best to bring the best possible results to the British team. Lando Norris has lofty ambitions for his team, dreaming of a world championship title.

Some might say a crazy ambitition considering where the team are compared to the dominant forces that are Mercedes, and Red Bull Racing.


“I want to be world champion with McLaren”. says Norris,

“I want to be world champion with McLaren, but I don’t know when that opportunity will come. There are things we don’t have yet compared to Mercedes or Red Bull, pointing out one of the biggest deficiencies the team has compared to the biggest three.


“We don’t have all the necessary ingredients in place to win the title yet. For example, we still need a good wind tunnel. That’s why we’ll have a better chance in 2023 or 2024,” said the McLaren driver.

Investment from McLaren started some years ago includes a brand new wind tunnel, purpose built for the new rules coming after this season’s end.





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