Alpine Renault Boss threatens to pull plug on F1 if planned reverse grids happen

Formula 1 Four-time world champion Alain Prost has said he would quit the F1 Championship if it introduced reverse grid races, a concept seriously considered by the sport with growing rumour that we will start to see it’s introduction at a select few races next year.

“I am very happy to test things if it is possible. But you have to understand why you want to make these decisions, what the reason is.” says Prost, who claims to be an advocate of trying new ideas in F1, including the sprint races seen on selected Grand Prix weekends.


But, the Frenchman warns that: “Formula One has to remain in some way traditional, which is technology and the pinnacle of motorsport.”

Further, the Alpine Renault consultant says that although he supports F1’s decision to experiment with the sprint format, he has been highly critical of recent suggestions that some mini-races could be more prominent in 2022, with more points and the reverse grid concept seen in other series.


“We have to understand that the best team has to win because it’s the best, because that’s the spirit and purpose of Formula 1.”

“For example the reverse grid, I hate that. I hate that! If they introduced the reverse grid in Formula 1, I think I would leave the sport because I think it’s the worst thing you can do for the DNA of Formula 1. I’d rather have the dominance of a team because they’ve done the best job than to have that. I am open but I am also very traditionalist.”


That said, he defends the required for some alterations to the sport, such as the introduction of a greater points spread across the finishing places, which used to only include points for places one to six.

“I remember in 1982 we all finished about five races in a year and the reliability was so bad,

“Now we have fantastic reliability. So if you only have the top six cars getting points, it can happen that some teams never get points, so you also have to adjust in some way. But I don’t agree with the points for pole.”



4 responses to “Alpine Renault Boss threatens to pull plug on F1 if planned reverse grids happen

  1. Amusing that 3 or 4 years ago, most if not all English F1 journo’s, were cheering that Bernie was gone and Liberty Media were now the commercial rights holders. They’re awful silent now…..

    • 1, I don’t recall “English journo’s” calling for Bernie to be ousted

      2, I have read many articles being critical of Liberty, where necessary

      Be consistent

    • That looks like a huge, over complication (that would only serve to put Max in the current lead)

      I would offer the same argument to Sprint Qualifying — “What are we trying to fix here”?

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