Verstappen ‘lacks self control’

Damon Hill spoke to about the situation between Hamilton and Verstappen at the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. And for the British driver, it was a “lack of self-control” that was highlighted by the fight.

The criticism is apparently directed at Max Verstappen alone, although the words in question leave room for doubt.

“It makes [the title race] exciting. It’s exciting and it’s fascinating.” says Hill,

“I just think it’s a shame in our sport that it inevitably gets out of hand with these accidents. I don’t think it’s a display of talent. I think it’s a lack of self-control. It was avoidable.

“Whether it was an error of judgement or a deliberate unwillingness to give in remains to be seen. They both show toughness, but I think you have to have at least one wheel in front to try to do the outside to someone, and Max was never in that position.”



“Once you do that, you’re out of control. He [Max] had the option to get on the run-off earlier, I think, to avoid contact and try again somewhere else, but he didn’t do that. Maybe he knew that if Lewis got in front, he was done for. The consequences are pretty terrible, and fortunately, Lewis is unharmed.

“I saw a photo of his head being crushed by the tyre, and if Max had released the clutch with his head against the tyre, it could have been extremely serious. But this is beyond Max’s control.”



11 responses to “Verstappen ‘lacks self control’

  1. Damon Hill on Silverstone 2021 – defends Hamilton and says the accident is “part of the sport”

    Damon Hill on Monza 2021 – “The only conclusion is he might have been thinking ‘I have to take him out’.

    Hardly surprising an Englishman on SKY would come to that conclusion isn’t it………

  2. Max is a big baby, he could have killed Lewis; this is a game and not checking on Lewis shows how wicked he is.

    Lewis shall win this F1 championship, Mark it.

    • I think Lewis is the bigger baby by far. Also I think max was in a much worse position when Lewis purposely held a line that he knew would take max out and it ended with max fly at 190mph into a barrier. Think before you make a stupid comment. Atm either of them can win.

      • Purposely held a line that would take Max out….you must be crazy to suggest anything like that. No driver would do that, especially Hamilton. Have a little more respect.

        • Looking back at the Hamilton-Massa crashes from the back, I would say that Hamilton will definitely do that. When Hamilton doesn’t like you he will ram you of the track at any chance. Guess after Massa he found a new target.

  3. How long will it be before Verstappen seriously injures a professional F1 driver.
    He is arrogant and dangerous.
    Look out everyone here comes Max get out of my way!

  4. Max has a long history of bullying his car past competitors. Far too often he forces the others to give in versus holding their own, and Max knows it. This past incident, I feel, was Lewis’s corner, he held to the correct racing line thru the esses, and did not give in to Max’s bullying efforts, as normally happens with other drivers.

    • If you have Fast Car, Why can’t he MV be patient and overtake on the next lap or when opportunity comes, MV Radio msg is evident he did it deliberate and revenge for British GP Crash.

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