Monaco’s fix for Lewis Hamilton’s call for a race review

Well, Monaco is Monaco, just as Elephants are Elephants. The Saturday at this particular venue is fantastic for F1 fans – It’s clearly the most exciting Formula 1 qualifying session of the season given the iconic views and the ever-present walls.

One thing we never debate here is track limits. The drivers know the score. Outside the white lines are track limits guardians who will punish the F1 gladiators’ competitive efforts enormously if they stray a millimeter too far.


Yet, despite the enthralling nature of Saturdays in the principality, Sunday will be the antithesis of the adrenaline filled qualifying session.

So we have local boy Charles (it is I), Leclerc, on pole, though both Bottas and Verstappen were on better laps when he ‘Schumachered’ hi is red Ferrari into the wall in the dying seconds of the session to prevent his competitors besting his time.

The big question is whether Leclerc will require a new gearbox; because if so he will relinquish his pole to fans favourite Max Verstappen.

Sir Loo has questioned whether Monaco is still relevant as a race venue for F1, something we’ve been saying for years here at TJ13. Maybe a Saturday sprint race with a reverse grid would have finished off today’s excitement.

Anyway, for neutral fans (not the rabid Hamfosi) at least tomorrow’s grid – with or without a Le Clerc penalty – is exciting. So it may be tomorrow’s annual Monaco F1 procession will delight us watching other cars besides the GOAT Mercedes winning a race for a change.


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  1. My previous comment, and other people’s comments, on this thread, have been deleted for some reason.
    I called the Monaco grand prix another snoozefest, with only about 4 or 5 overtakes on track. I pointed out that the track is not suitable for Formula 1 cars, and hasn’t been for a long time. I suggested it would be better if the drivers raced Ford Fiestas around the track. Ford not being an engine supplier would not show favouritism towards any team. Or just cancel the race in future.

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