Alonso shock comments on Hamilton to Spanish press

Firm rivals and former team mates at McLaren, Fernando Alonso during his latter years during his first stint as a driver in Formula 1 certainly had a sour opinion of the sport and the dominance of Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton – but this weekend, the old man has softened his opinion.

When Alonso left the sport back in 2018, his view of F1 was dim, in particular the dominance of Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and the complete lack of geniune competition and the allowance of the might of Mercedes to suppress the sport.

But during an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, Alonso revealed that in his opinion Hamilton hasn’t been credited with the plaudits he deserves, which is somewhat of a shock to some considering their intense rivalry when team mates at McLaren. 


When asked if everything needed to be perfect, even perfect good luck, was needed to beat Lewis right now, the Spaniard confirmed that Hamilton was very much at the top of his game.

“Yes, it is what you say.” confirms Alonso,

“It seems he is in an ideal moment in terms of his driving and his role in the team and even with a bit of luck because he had some in Imola. So you need to value what he is doing.”


Alonso then mentions the fact that Hamilton is in the best car, but surprisingly doesn’t simply pin that fact on the way the British driver is so hard to beat right now saying:

“With the best car you need to deliver every weekend, whether it’s raining or dry of whatever. You have to perform when Red Bull have a good weekend and then also when they’re at a track where they’re slower,

“You can only do that if you’re performing at the top level and I don’t know if what he’s doing is being valued enough.

“I know he is appreciated,” an obvious hint to the fact Hamilton is by far the best paid driver on the grid,

“But I give him a lot of credit because Mercedes don’t have the dominance of three or four years ago, when they won quite easily.

“Others are closer, but it doesn’t seem to affect him. He always gives 100 percent, so you have to congratulate him.”






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