Perez speaks out about Imola

Sergio Pérez’s performance at the Formula 1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola was a disappointment for the Mexican driver, who apologised to Red Bull for his poor showing.

The Mexican was keen to apologise to Red Bull for what he felt was an inadequate performance.

Sergio Pérez’s performance at the Gran Premio Emilia-Romagna was not a great success on Sunday. While his team-mate Max Verstappen finished the race in first place, the Mexican could not do better than 11th spot.


With very complicated weather conditions and a few mistakes that put the Red Bull driver in a tricky situation, the former Racing Point driver was clearly not satisfied with his performance and he made this statement to his team.

“First of all I’m really sorry for my team because I was nowhere today. The conditions were very bad, which meant that I struggled to get my tyres warmed up, and the car was very difficult to drive.

“Behind the safety car I went out and came back in and got a penalty for that, so I lost a place to Norris, which made it difficult.

“Then at the end of the race we should have finished on the podium, but I made that mistake and it cost me a lot. ”



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