Norris tells the truth about Mercedes & Hamilton

Mercedes dominance “makes Formula 1 boring”, according to McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Max Verstappen caused a furore this week when he said that “90%” of the drivers currently on the grid could win in Lewis Hamilton’s black car. Norris, however, doesn’t believe he could necessarily best the six-time world champion right now.


“Everyone knows that Lewis is probably one of the best in history,” the 20-year-old told Auto Motor und Sport.

“Everyone is also jealous of the position he is in and the number of races he has won – I want to be in that position too,” added the British driver.

“I know some people say ‘Of course I beat him’ but I’m not too confident to say that. ”


Norris said Mercedes and Hamilton deserved their success because they did “a much better job than anyone else for years”.

“On the other hand, it makes Formula 1 boring,” he insisted. “The show suffers…

“If we want to improve something, we need battles between the four or five cars in the middle of the field right up front. »



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