Ferrari draws up a damning report after the “disaster” of Monza

Following the latest Formula 1 fiasco of Ferrari, in Monza, Mattia Binotto recognizes that the Scuderia is going through a delicate period while the 1000th Grand Prix of the team is coming up.

Fortunately for Ferrari, the Tifosi were not present at Monza. The Scuderia again experienced a nightmarish weekend, but this time on its own turf. After a disastrous qualifying session, which saw Sebastian Vettel unable to make it to Q2, Sunday’s race was also very ‘complicated’.


The German was forced to retire after losing his brakes, while Charles Leclerc went off the track very violently into the barriers.

Nothing is going right with Ferrari and to make the weekend even more humiliating, it was Alpha Tauri, the other Italian team on the grid, less used to playing the leading roles, who shone as Pierre Gasly won and thus allowed the Italian anthem to ring out at Monza despite Ferrari’s failure.

On a personal note, this Judge did think ahead of this race was 100% certain Ferrari would ‘for some reason’ double DNF after their poor qualifying and long-run Friday practice.

The mind wonders….. so the shaped charge demolition explosive on Sebs rear started it off taking out the lame duck driver. And when Leclerc, the chosen one, had the whispering voice of Enzo piped into his headset from the pit wall when it was clear even a top 10 result was unlikely, on a subliminal level, he decided to end his race himself.

I digress….


“A double abandonment is the worst conclusion to a weekend that got off to a very bad start,” admits Ferrari’s team boss Binotto.

“It really hurts. We knew we were going to suffer at Monza. Of the two retirements, Seb’s was probably the most painful because it was due to mechanical damage. Losing the brakes like that should never happen…

“We’re having a very difficult season but anything that doesn’t kill makes you stronger. We have to learn from this disaster to build a solid foundation for the future. In the meantime, there’s no giving up:

“We’re going to do our best at Mugello for what will be the 1,000th Formula One Grand Prix in our history,” said the Ferrari boss.



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