Wolff and Mercedes surprising idea for F1

In the face of increasing criticism, Formula 1 must change in order not to lose its fans. Toto Wolff thus proposes to broadcast internal radio exchanges.

In recent years, the show is no longer really at the point of interest in Formula 1. At least, that’s what comes out of the majority of the Grand Prix.


With the ultra-dominant Mercedes team – world champion driver and constructor for 6 years – it is difficult to find excitement. And even Toto Wolff, the boss of Mercedes, won’t say otherwise.

“I understand what the fans are saying.” claims Wolff,

“There are some Grand Prix that are not very entertaining and there are others where it is the opposite.

“I think it would be too simplistic to say that there are good and bad soccer matches, but in fact, no one wants to see a team fly away to the championship.”


After 7 Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton is already 47 points ahead of Max Verstappen and Mercedes is already well ahead of Red Bull (106 points margin). However, Toto Wolff remains wary:

“We are always in doubt, we really don’t believe that the championship is a done deal.

“Naturally, there are a lot more incidents behind the scenes, in the preparation of parts, engine breakdowns on the test bench, the desire to make last-minute changes to the track, or all the worries about making just one stop.

“I think we should look at making these communications accessible to fans, so that they can really follow what’s going on and see what’s being said. If every team opened them up, it could be an additional way to increase the entertainment factor,” he told Motorsport.

Clearly the Austrian has a handle on the severity of the situation. Clearly he feels fans presume winning for Mercedes is easy during a race – thus fans require the radio broadcasts to understand the hardship of winning so frequently.

Perhaps Wolff is forgetting that actually fans understand that Mercedes is on the largest of budgets, hoovered up most of the talent from other teams over the years, and is now so powerful that it can bend the will of a feeble FIA president along with F1’s American owners. Allegedly.





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  1. In no way, shape or form does opening radio transmissions spice up the show. F1 is totally boring and only freakish tire drama or variable weather conditions make it unpredictable rather than the same snooze fest of late.

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