First of the TV stations now refusing to attend F1 races

Due to the coronavirus epidemic German television RTL decided not to send journalists to the first three races of the 2020 season.

German television RTL has confirmed that it will not send any journalists to the first three races of the 2020 Formula 1 season because of the risks associated with the coronavirus.

For the first three races of the year [Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam], RTL will broadcast the Grand Prix live from its centre in Cologne, Germany.


The channel also states that all live programme production [before and after the Grand Prix] will also be transferred to Cologne.

“The spread of the coronavirus, the unknown health risks for our colleagues and a broadcast that could no longer be guaranteed due to immediate measures in case of infection, allow only one decision, namely to produce our programmes from Cologne. “explains RTL.

It is worth recalling that due to the coronavirus epidemic, entry into certain countries has become very complicated for journalists and F1 staff, particularly Bahrain, where people coming directly from the most affected countries such as Italy or China will not be able to enter the Kingdom.

It should be remembered that the coronavirus has already infected 90,000 people worldwide and now affects 80 countries. Of the 21 countries visited by F1 in 2020, none have been spared by the virus.



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