Ferrari & Alpha Tauri refused permission to race

To combat the coronavirus epidemic, Vietnam is imposing a quarantine for all nationals of countries heavily affected by the virus, including Italy.

Vietnam has updated its restrictions on access to its territory for nationals from the countries most severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic, namely China, South Korea, Italy and Iran. Vietnam’s National Tourism Board has stated that a 14-day quarantine (incubation period of the virus) will be imposed on all nationals of the affected countries upon entry:

“All travellers entering Vietnam from China, South Korea, Italy and Iran must make medical declarations and undergo a 14-day medical quarantine before entering the country. ”


If this restriction lasts in time, it could have an impact on the organization of the Vietnam Grand Prix scheduled in Hanoi from April 3rd to the 5th. Indeed, Ferrari and Alpha Tauri are the two teams whose factories are located in Italy and would, therefore, be affected by this quarantine.

However, the Vietnamese authorities have stated that the Grand Prix will take place on the scheduled dates and that no postponement or cancellation is envisaged. In regulatory terms, the race could take place without the presence of Ferrari and Alpha Tauri. The Formula 1 statutes allow a minimum number of 16 cars per Grand Prix.

This condition would be reached if the two Italian teams could not line up their two cars, enabling the race to go ahead.

But Franz Tost, the sporting director of Alpha Tauri, would find it unfair if such a situation were to be envisaged.

“If some teams cannot race for some reason, I think it would be unfair to start the season. ”


The German television station RTL, which owns the broadcasting rights to Formula 1, has indicated that it will not send any of its staff to Vietnam, considering the situation too dangerous.

“The risks to their health seem too great. We came to this decision after interviewing numerous news agencies and the end result is that we have not received what we considered to be a reliable assessment of the situation on the ground. ” said Manfred Loppe, the channel’s sports director.


The FIA and Liberty Media have not yet reacted to this announcement by the Vietnamese authorities but the race in Hanoi seems to be increasingly threatened. For the moment, only the Chinese Grand Prix has been postponed and no other official action has been taken.





4 responses to “Ferrari & Alpha Tauri refused permission to race

  1. Ferarri and Alpha T have NOT been refused permission to race – a travel restriction is now in place for those from areas with an outbreak…. 2 VERY different things


    • By mandating the restrictions the government has essentially refused the teams in question the ability to race

  2. No, it’s just been made harder for them, but the teams are HUGELY adept at overcoming adversity on extremely short timescales, and will find solutions

    Skeleton crews / Travel from non restricted countries
    To name just 2

    Cheap sensationalist attempts to big up articles

  3. the italians will serve their quarantine period in australia/bahrain and will be allowed to enter vietnam

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