Schumacher team mate accuses 7 time Champion

From 2000 to 2005 Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello fought side by side for Ferrari points, victories and World Championship titles.

Although Barrichello said the duo got along well, the Brazilian would have hoped for more support from the record world champion.

“I always made friends and had a good relationship with all my teammates. That includes Michael,” Barrichello explained in the podcast Beyond the Grid.


At the same time, the 47-year-old accuses “But he never supported me. He was never there to help us.” With his other teammates and other drivers in the paddock, things went differently, the Brazilian revealed.

According to his own statement, Barrichello never doubted Schumacher’s driving qualities.

“Especially in the fast corners he was unbelievable and very courageous. I even took more speed from the slow corners. Ross [Brawn] told him so many times that he had to do something different.

“I think we both pushed ourselves to a new level. And it’s not easy to take Michael to a new level,” said Barrichello, giving an insight into the collaboration with the record champion.

“If I compare myself to Michael, I’d say it’s going to end at 70:30. He was better than me. He was more complete, never had bad days or was vulnerable,” admits the Brazilian.

But if Ferrari had let the two drivers fight with the same weapons, the Brazilian said, “simply with the same strategy for both, then I could have won at least one World Championship title”. But his status as number two in the Scuderia made that impossible.

“That’s part of the past. I didn’t win the title, but I’m happy because I tried.”



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  1. No one prohibithed, whining (and annoying) n°2 Barrichello, to go away Ferrari ad sign another team.
    …but he remained, knowing himself that Ferrari n°2 role was his best option ever.

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