First glimpse of Honda branding on Red Bull for 2019

Red Bull Racing Honda officially begins in 2019, and during the Autosport International event held in the UK earlier this month, racing fans got a glimpse of a probable livery using the Honda logo – the first time anyone has seen an official use of Honda’s logo on a Red Bull Racing car.

The images are taken from a Autosports Youtube channel published last night, editor Stuart Codling is joined by ex-Formula 1 driver-turned-pundit Karun Chandhok at Autosport International 2019 to discuss the fast approaching 2019 F1 season.

In the video, Karun offers his thoughts on potential surprises and who will come out on top this year – including Ferrari’s new charger Charles Leclerc, Honda’s upcoming integration with Red Bull and how McLaren and Williams can start to turn the tide for 2019.

Autosport’s artist impression from summer 2018

The placement of the logo’s on the showcar (an RB8), most notably on the high up the nose cone and far back near the rear of the engine cover, is likely to be about where we’ll see them on the 2019 race car. This is due to existing sponsorship deals already in place from previous seasons. Also, the old Tag Heuer engine cover logo, and the even older Renault logo’s were placed in that area on the engine cover in previous seasons.

Gasly: Honda Engine Upgrades Inconsistent

Meanwhile, in the media ex Toro Rosso Honda driver and soon to be Red Bull Racing team mate to Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly, reveals his appraisal of the Honda power unit experienced in 2018.

Toro Rosso, sacrificing their season to help Honda improve ahead of their Red Bull partnership, finished ninth in the standings.

“The development I would say is never consistent,”

“Sometimes you don’t find anything for eight months and then suddenly they try something on the dyno that works and you get four-tenths suddenly. It’s not like a consistent development.

“Maybe mid-December they will find something that gives them five-tenths and will put us in a much better position. It’s too difficult they answer. They clearly [have] not caught completely but recovered a big part of the deficit.

“There is still one that I don’t expect them to recover straight at the beginning of next year but at some point I know they are investing a lot and developing a lot.

“I expect them to get closer and closer but I don’t know when they will match them.”

“In Suzuka in qualifying we were seventh, but should have been P6 or P5. I was losing three-tenths in the straight and I came to see him after qualy.

“I was a bit disappointed even though it was a good result. [But] he was almost crying because he didn’t manage to give me the full potential of the engine.

“When you see the people you work with so involved in the performance that’s always great to see.”

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