Watch Red Bull’s Adrian Newey’s priceless reaction

Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner finds the behavior of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen “unacceptable” during the crash in Baku last weekend.

Just before the GP, such a scenario had been discussed.

And Red Bull’s chief designer Adrian Newey’s reaction says it all.

Christian Horner: “We had discussed such a situation several times, the last time on the morning of the Baku race. Our request is always the same: “You may fight, but leave enough room.” Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Mercedes non-executive Chairman Niki Lauda was candid in his appraisal of the situation claiming he would bill the drivers for the damage costs and that most of the blame lay at Verstappens feet.

“Maybe Niki is a little more money-oriented than other people. But in this situation it is more important to me that our drivers understand – an accident like in Baku is absolutely unacceptable.” says Horner.

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The Azerbaijan GP was probably the most enthralling race yet of 2018. Drama from lap 1 – Ferrari strategy in question, Vettel driving in question, Red Bull clash between Verstappen and Ricciardo, Sauber beating McLaren, McLaren in the points again (somehow)…


5 responses to “Watch Red Bull’s Adrian Newey’s priceless reaction

  1. Newey frustrated by his drivers? – possibly so. Newey frustrated by the pit wall’s silence? – don’t discount it! Take your pick. Daniel and Max are RACERS for god sake. Perhaps it should be Horner apologising?

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  3. Er is it me or should the people commenting on video whilst driving concentrate on their DRIVING?

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