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18 responses to “Verstappen, overrated? Have your say

  1. Overrated? It’s like people with no snow experience saying snow isn’t white when they have seen snow turning brown, once,due to mud. And after that share a public question: snow’s not really white? This questioning is like a denial of all the brilliance shown in the last years. And I don’t disagree to be critical on drivers but, I do disagree questioning the overall picture this utterly simplistic. It’s a question asked by people with no F1 knowledge. If that is your target group? I would say to them: just watch a lot of F1 races and you know what to answer.

    • An interesting metaphor!

      Although the title picked focuses on 1 aspect of the post race reaction, it was merely mentioned by 1 contributor that max was a ‘hype train’

  2. No not overrated. Verstappen is a huge talent and the most exciting driver in F1 today. If Ferrari get him he will give us F1 fans something truly great to watch. Ferrari and Verstappen can fight and beat Mercedes whether Hamilton is driving the car or not.

  3. Max’ car was damaged before his spin. It caused overheating of his tyres and then the spin.

  4. Well. Sometimes this website seems very sophisticated, with real knowledgable contributors, real in-depth insights. And I believe for decades… Now, after race 1, a spin, the question for a final verdict? Thejudge13: overrated after all? Or just a spin?

    • I reiterate again. The title has been taken from 1 comment made in the video – please watch it first before giving us your opinion

    • No we Duchies get our webpages printed out by the sponsors of websites can’t afford internet, Red Bull postman was held up by traffic today.

      Quiz 1: is there a driver’s name who would fit in the header? Bottas? Crash in first run Q3 and 2017 shaky.

      Quiz 2: if you try to think of one action this race which you still can see clearly. Was it the Max360?

        • Me too, bit it’ not the driving that excites. We will lose the image in a few weeks time. And yes, same applies to the 360 spin and recovery

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