Today a legend fades

By TJ13 contributor Oddball

Today, Formula 1 was left with one less Legend.

John Surtees, the only person to have won grand prix titles on both two and four wheels passed away.
Surtees made is mark as a brilliant motorcyclist and dominated the top 500cc class for much of the late 1950s.He soon moved on to cars and immediately made his mark in the cut throat world of Formula 1 and went on to win the Formula 1 championship for Ferrari in 1964.

Surtees won seven motorcycle world championships between 1956 and 1960. In a time when safety wear was considered bad form he went on to claim 38 motorcycle GPs and six F1 GPs.
In this modern age of carbon fibre and hybrid engines, Surtees still left his mark and a quote from the gentleman that I have never forgotten is something I have always cherished:-

“Speed, in the end, is not something that you find; you’ve either got it or you haven’t.”

Surtees retired from F1 and motorsport in 1972.

However he was made a MotoGP Legend while attending the 2003 British Grand Prix.

The TJ13 joins the motorsport community in offering condolences to the family friends of John Surtees.

The F1 community knows well what he achieved in Formula one but what is perhaps less well know is his motorbike career.

John Surtees – motorcycle grand prix career:
First Grand Prix: 1952 Ulster 500cc
First Podium: 1955 Ulster 250cc
First Grand Prix victory: 1955 Ulster 250cc
Grand Prix victories: 38
2nd places finishes: 4
3rd place finishes: 3
Podiums: 45
World Championship wins: 7

John Surtees, who has died aged 83, is the only man to have won a grand prix world championship on two and four wheels.



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