F1 racing to be processional – Ross Brawn DRS scrap

Final thoughts from TJ13 TV on the winter first test.

Pirelli got their wet test completely wrong – all change for China anyway

Are the cars lapping as quick as they should?

What is the future for F1 under Brawn as now we know for sure that cars cannot follow one another?

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9 responses to “F1 racing to be processional – Ross Brawn DRS scrap

  1. “What is the future for F1 under Brawn as now we know for sure that cars cannot follow one another?”

    When did Brawn get to write / change the F1 regs?

    • surely being chief tech man, his input would significantly impact sporting regulation?

      • Liberty Media doesn’t write or regulate F1’s technical rules – the FIA does. In my opinion Brawn has been put into that position to give Liberty Media credibility, which when you see what some of the other people in Liberty Media have been saying – they desperately need.

  2. The obvious (and sad) quick fix to help track action and overtaking is to extende DRS zones and usage massively. But that would never fix the real problem of how turbulence affects the cars.

    I hate to write it, but maybe the teams should be forced to use some more spec parts, say wings and diffusers. They just can’t be trusted to do shit about overtaking.

    • Wings, whether they are unique to a car or spec, are going to cause turbulence. All that would happen would be for teams to figure out ways to make the airflow coming off the spec wing as turbulent as possible to negate any effects that a less turbulence spec wing would have on the following car.

    • I say give them DRS, permanently. It’s up to the driver to decide whether his balls are big enough (and bigger as the ones of the driver in front of him).

      • I tend to agree. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be allowed DRS in a corner or a long bend if you want to.

        • So if you should be allowed to use DRS at anytime, what’s the difference between that and having no DRS at all. IMO, it’s time to drain the swamp at the FIA and get back to cars and drivers being pushed to the limit.

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