When refusing to race is the braver decision

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On this day in F1 – 5th November 1989

Prost’s bravery marks out a sodden race – Following the 2014 Japanese GP, many drivers claimed the conditions were too poor to remain racing when Jules Bianchi had his accident. Afterwards many observers spoke about how the leading drivers should have stopped to make a point.

Looking back in history, most people remember the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix when Niki Lauda took one of the bravest decisions ever by withdrawing after a lap. It was the 70’s, drivers were superheroes and they never quit!

On this day in 1989, Alain Prost too showed remarkable bravery when he withdrew from the Australian GP after just one lap because of how poor the conditions were. All the drivers had voiced concerns and spoke about pitting but he was the only one who followed his convictions.

Of course, Prost never enjoyed driving in the wet but what most people forget is that he witnessed Didier Pironi’s career ending accident first hand when Pironi hit the back of his Renault in the 1982 German GP wet qualifying session. It would come to define his career afterwards.

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  1. Ah yeah -Monaco 1984. Prost frantically gets Balestre to stop the race so a young hard charging rookie named Senna doesn’t overtake him and win. Stopping the race resulted in half-points being awarded which ultimately cost Prost the WC. Selective bravery.

    • “Prost frantically gets Balestre to stop the race” ???? how could have he done that from the car?…

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