TJ13 Staffing positions required

Can you help?
We always need keen volunteers to help run the site and it’s thanks to the recent influx of writers that a noticeable increase of content gets  published compared to just a few months ago. Many thanks to you all for pitching in!

But now we need to help push the new content so we’re after help on social media, namely Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Below are the most urgent positions we’re after.


TJ13 grew exponentially in the early days, mainly thanks to Twitter. We need Tweeps who can share TJ13 articles daily using #TJ13 and #F1 on their twitter accounts. Eventually we’d like someone to help handle an official account.


Facebook has many different F1 groups, a simple search for F1 in the groups section on Facebook throws up countless forums for fellow F1 enthusiasts. Please share TJ13 articles in those groups and help spread the work of our new contributors (and not so new). Eventually we’d like someone to help handle an official account.

YouTube F1 pundits

Our new presenter and producer, Charlie requires help in producing ‘The Sidebar’ YouTube show. If you don’t mind appearing on a YouTube channel with over 400 subscribers, let us know. See the playlist below to get a feel of what we’re producing so far. Recordings can be made simply with a half decent smart phone.

Pinterest Pinner

The Judge 13 has many photo’s on the site going back to 2012. We’re after help going through old articles and pinning them to the TJ13 Pinterest account. We’d need pinners to include some description and tags relating the article on TJ13.

Get in touch via the contact page or comment below.

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