Lewis set to take Sochi penalty

Lewis was reprimanded for the second time this year due to incorrectly rejoining the circuit during qualifying at Sochi. The first instance was for reversing in the Bahrain GP pitlane during qualifying.

“I’m aware there’s going to be at least one 10-place penalty in the future because I’ve got one more reprimand to go,” he said to Autosport.

The third infringement will demote him 10 places.

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Obviously the season thus far has been a bitter disappointment to the Hamfosi but it’s set to look even more bleak when we take into account the PU problems. Hamilton believes it is now inevitable he will get a grid penalty for exceeding his engine-part allocation at some point during the 2016 Formula 1 season.

These further penalties are applied when the sixth component of one of six items, ICE, turbo, MGU-H, MGU-K, control electronics and energy store are taken, Lewis is already on his third turbocharger and MGU-H with 17 races remaining.

“I’m running out of engines so that’s on my mind,”

“It’s not that it’s hurting, it’s just… it’s not great. What’s pretty key is that we understand what it is, more so than before, and try and be careful in how we pick out all the engines because obviously I have only three for the rest of the year. So I’m going to have another penalty at some point, but I’ll do the best job I can.”

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    • As per your amended rules, is the above not a “trolling” comment as it has nothing to do with said article?

  1. One assumes the powera that be are going to review the penaties when the engine allocation drops to 3 a year. One random premature failure will potentially totally screw up a whole season for a team / driver.

    Same for a not-at-fault accident.

    That’ll be a great situation to explain to the casual fan.

    “Racer X was set to challenge for the championship but he was punted up the rear by Racer Y and he’s had to take a 10 place grid penalty in the deciding race”

  2. yes for sure it will be a big problem when the engines drops to three no matter the solid mileage carried out during testing.

  3. At some point it will be worth his while getting the penalty out of the way. Maybe after a bad quali, or another engine failure, he will do another quick reverse in the pitlane to get that penalty out of the way.

    • He went 19 races without a reprimand, why can’t he go the rest of the way without another? Running out of PU’s is more a worry than a 3rd reprimand

      • I thought the pit lane points was a tad harsh on the Brit. He was ordered to reverse by the marshals so I really can’t get me head around that one and as for the track joining mess,where was he supposed to go? He was never going to make the turn to get into the penalty box so he did the next best thing.I am no fan of Lewis but the powers that be need to play fair otherwise they risk making the sport a laughing stock

    • Interesting: after your PU blew up, you go for your reprimand by stopping in a dangerous place on track. Conveniently getting those reprimands out of the way.

      Schumacher would’ve thought of that. Still a fan of his devious win at all cost mentality.

      • The Monaco parking was a classic 🙂 sadly in this day of PC such actions would have the paper pundits up in arms. I am with you on the fan front,he had a knack of exploring the edges of what is legal

  4. This is the first click bait title on thejudge13. I am a bit disappointed, I hope it won’t continue. He has two penalties, he would get a 10-grid penalty IF he gets another one. He is not set to take a penalty. That’s spinning. I love most of your articles but this one is below par.

    • Lewis is quoted in the article that he’s expecting a 10 place penalty this season, thus he’s set for a penalty. Read the article.

  5. the article is correctly quoting him, he seems convinced that he will somehow breach the rules

    • Because if he got a reprimand in Bahrain, despite the stewards stating he was given wrong information, then of course he’s right to think so

  6. Hamilton did not get any penalty at Sochi. He received a reprimand and may have lost an engine, but neither constitute a penalty, although either could be a contributing factor in having a penalty applied in the future. If he keeps out of trouble and manages to stretch the life of his remaining units, he could manage the rest of the season without penalty. History would suggest this is somewhat unlikely, however….

  7. “If he manages to stretch the life of his remaining units” no need for him to stretch anything as miracles do happen at Mercedes, even two at a time.

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