#TJ13 #F1 Sidebar – Melbourne 2016 Qualifying reaction


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10 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Sidebar – Melbourne 2016 Qualifying reaction

  1. Good Times – CVC have sold F1.
    Bad Times – New owner is CCTV (Chinese state TV).
    End Times – They want Bernie to stay.
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  2. In other news, Max has apologized for his outbursts. Jos said that he told Max that it was unprofessional. He believes that Max learned this lesson and won’t do it again.

    So much for the theory that Max is unwilling to learn and that his father is making him react like this.

    • I think that theory is about genes, not about Jos actually forcing Max to spill his emotions on the radio.

      Man, I want Max to surpass his genes!

      By the way the clip didn’t load…

  3. I haven’t seen/read this so called “his apology” but if true, good of him, his father might have realised that nobody on the grid would want such a spoiled brat big mouth and big headed kid as his team mate or his driver, only hope it is not too late and that his father and his kid will this time round be trusted as to their behaviour as team players.

  4. Yes I have found it/read it but still doubt how much the father and his kid can be trusted by teams and team mates when it comes to loyalty to his team and team mate and as a team player, “I want to win, I was emotional”, every driver wants to win and every driver gets emotional, even his father who claimed two podiums felt the same in his time in F1 but the best are loyal to their teams, even after they leave that team!.

  5. Give the boy a break, 20 GP’s he almost did nothing wrong and now all of a sudden he is a spoilt brat.

    • the first time he refused team instructions/orders point blank , the second time he went one better, by abusing his team and making double sure everybody and his dog will know about it.

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