TJ13 F1 Courtroom Podcast: The Masters of the Loophole


Join AJ, TourDog and Trumpets (plus tour dog) as they assess the state of F1’s ultimate Grand Prix of the year, bring some highly entertaining speculation as to whether Nico is faster or Lewis is slower these days(or both) and spend a remarkable amount of time dissecting Mercedes strategy or lack thereof.

Italian decision making in the desert also comes under the weathered eye of the podcast troika and the question of whether Lewis, Nico or the Mercedes legal team had the best weekend gets sorted. Oh, and more about engines. Because why stop when you’re having fun.

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iTunes 5 star reviews: We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you all for your support. As the TJ13 community grows the Podcast is becoming a huge part of the journey. From recent chats within the F1 paddock in Jerez we have found it is establishing a following within the world of F1 and we would like to continue to grow and make TJ13 the number one site for F1 information across the globe.

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2 responses to “TJ13 F1 Courtroom Podcast: The Masters of the Loophole

  1. Earl of Huntley-Jacobs: “I hypothesis x about Lewis.”

    Muso-‘Murican: “No way, because y.”

    Canine-‘Murican: “Agreed, because y + z.”

    Earl of Huntley-Jacobs: “I still think x.”


    *dog barks in background*

    Rinse n’ repeat; not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just find it smile-worthy.

    Nice job on p/c, by the way. Like new style… quite informative and succinct.

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